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  • Sounds cool! Yeah I definitely meet some pretty interesting people doing what I do. Will be sure to encourage onesie purchasing if he doesn't already have one. (He can wear a penguin tux onesie to your future wedding.)
    I wouldnt say the quote is disturbing - its more confounding and profound then anything. Although I definitely get what you are saying - it is a very very interesting little quote I must say.
    Typical graduates from my undergrad degree go into things like finance/risk analysis/applied mathematics consulting for companies like CSIRO. A PhD offers the same opportunities with the additional option of academia. (Which is the main point of a PhD and is what I have my heart set on). The idea of crunching numbers for a financial institution is horrifying to me.
    I really really enjoy BOS - so I guess this is kind of where i want to be. But still, I feel as if there is somehow more to the quote a deeper meaning...
    Well, it depends on where the place is - is it a physical place or something more abstract and intangible?
    I know this is pretty random, but I agree with mirakon your sig is very confounding. Its been bugging me for a while and I cant figure out why.
    I am sure there is some deep and profound meaning in it but I cannot narrow it down lol
    haha ohh fancy. d'you mind if I read it?
    awesome, thanks for the heads up! I'll give it a listen now :) lol oh man, my friend laughed at me because we went from listening to this to floating spit lol it's such a nice song though
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