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  • Common misconception.

    Hahah nah I was but am no longer (for reasons why I won't get into right now!) as of last night. It's weird, still coming on expecting to see modland but I don't have access any more!
    thanks, really appreciate it mate =) yea my marks are pretty good (D and HD'S) i guess now i just have to work towards killing the umat and im all set (hopefully)
    =( i idiotically don't know i guess i didn't feel like i was prepared for it and told myself I'd skip it this year and do a shit load of preparation for it next year, pretty stupid i know...
    yea it would be pretty dam awesome ,however didn't sit the umat this year (stupidly ) im plaining to sit it next year though once im well prepared for it
    going great im doing really well so far, hoping to transfer to either undergrad or grad level med depending which one i get in
    hey im an psych student so, in bankstown (mostly) however one of my elective is physiology so im also at campbelltown on Wednesdays and Tuesdays
    My Ext 2, I should get back my draft project from school tomorrow. I'm in process of writing reflection statement. Ext 1 we're doing After the Bomb.
    Thank you for the advice, if I can survive trials where we're still trying to learn the material in class and I was away all holidays then the actual HSC should be a lot easier.
    My trials start not this Monday but next, what subjects am I most worried by fluctuates:
    Adv English: Just the sheer multitude of essays we have to write is daunting
    Ext 1: The essay section has to integrate so many prescribed and integrated
    Maths: I've done the most study for by far, but I'm naturally suck at it. Plus it's my current worse rank, so a good trials would help me as I want to beat more MX1 kids if possible.
    Bio: Eh rote learning so not worried
    Chem: I haven't started studying for :S It's my last trial
    Modern: Ehh it's okay comparatively.
    Hey Mirakon :)
    Studies are OK, feeling unprepared for trials though. It's hard cause I had assessments close to them and I went overseas etc. But I'm trying my best :)
    Wayyyyy ahead of you. *raises eyebrows suggestively*

    Year 10 in da house. Gonna fkin do sum pe.
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