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  • Oh haha, well are you gonna be frequenting BoS now that it's year 12? I could use some of that math magic you possess :L
    What do you mean by that :p Yeah it's been good. Burnt out in year 10~ but after a year I think I have my motivation on track just before the HSC starts which is good.
    1984 - Wow, so good!

    Though I'm a little disappointed with the ending, was hoping that Winston would actually overthrow the Party. Despite this, it kind of does make me realise how fortunate we are to be granted the right of freedom haha. Moving on to The Lucifer Effect now :)
    Srsly though y not? It'll give u an idea of the course content and help u make up ur mind over choosing it
    Hey demento brah!

    I know the HSC hasn't come to an end yet but within the holidays I'm planning to read some interesting books - books like 1984 and things revolving around philosophy, since I think it'd be interesting to read about. Do you happen to have any recommendations? =) (leaning more towards philosophy :p )
    Great essay mate, I really did read it. I didnt do the traditional tl;dr approach :)
    I dont necessarily agree with all of it (of course thats absolutely fine) but its a solid essay great work
    Yeah I'd much rather do languages as a hobby too... English isn't exactly my strong point, so that's why I'm taking the risks and starting off with doing three sciences next year. You seem like an all-arounder type person to me! Thanks for the invitation - I've joined :)
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