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  • Yeah, it is really good (I'm up to season 4, and I've been watching it whilst I'm supposed to be studying :cry:)... That's my plan of action too :) My friends are either into Anime, or anything made by the Brits (either way, suits me fine). Well, you must tell me if it's good or not then :) (I'll be placing my faith in your judgement. No pressure. :p)
    Really? I haven't heard anything about it yet (I'm sort of from a poorer area, so no one really owns one lol)... I might wait for the Wii u to come out, and then I'll see what it's like ^_^
    :O I'm doing that too! (but with other shows)... Here's my 'to watch' list :):
    Game of Thrones
    the X-Files
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Secret Diary of a Call Girl
    Babylon 5
    Stargate SG-1 (finished all of Atlantis, but not SG-1 yet... I'm only up to season 8)
    Warehouse 13, and;
    Friends (honestly thought I would hate it because it was too popular and when I had watched it on tv, I didn't really like it. I managed to get all the seasons though and found I really liked it... if only for the sarcasm)

    and a couple more... but from that list, I look insane already. I've already gotten every season so far of all of these shows, so in the holidays, I feel I'm going to be extreeeeemely LAZY :D...

    Is Arrested Development good? I watched the first ep ages ago, but I couldn't get interested in it... I never gave it a chance

    And yeah, that Wii u looks pretty cool, but I'm still planning on getting my PSVita... eventually :p
    I know, it sucks :(... But in the holidays... It's catch up time (I'm going to start with SKYRIM, because that is just How far I am behind lol)
    I dunno 'cause Sehan dresses gangsta and same with my mates who chill with him so HAHAH You must be a badass too :L
    ahaha what a badkunt LOL I don't know him but I always see him in Chatswood and here of him and I got mates who chill with him haha are you a badass :L
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