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  • N are there other communities too where you guys chat around? I don't think much uws students are even aware of this forum. :(
    Shooky! ;)
    I wish I could say that I got transferred, unfortunately I am enrolled in SGSM for my masters! :/
    Its good to know that you guys are arranging a 'meat'! :p I'd be there for sure. Just lemme know the place and time.
    So what is nooky upto? U study in parramatta?
    I will. And after you finish each show I want a 600 word (minimum) review on each show submitted to me :p You will receive a mark out of 20 for each

    lol i'm just getting my judgement on the vita from interwebz sites and hyper magazine, don't know anyone irl who has got one (that's a bad sign haha)
    ow what a list. Add always sunny to mine, i heard its very good
    haha yeah gonna catch up on EVERYTHING till the next exams or assessments. Its not lazy, its just being productive with "visual work".
    Haven't seen any eps of arrested development yet, but a few of my friends are huge fans and say its really good so i'm giving it a shot.
    PS Vita? NUUUUUUUUUUUU- i heard its not that great tbh
    im gonna ctach up on tv shows like arrested development, breaking bad and game of thrones. Then when the wii u comes out late this year, i'm getting my ninty groove back on :D
    Wow, that's awesome! :O
    Haha, thank you. :)
    I really hope I do get into one of them eventually, haha.

    Yay! Haha, I have a habit of saying things that make sense but when I read it back to myself (to make sure I don't sound silly!), it sounds silly. .___."
    Haha, when you put it that way...

    Tommmmm5eva~~~~~~ :inlove: :inlove:

    Haha, so what is it that my new popcorn buddy does at UWS? :p
    If that sentence makes any sense. XD
    I think we all can't wait for the holidays though =P

    Uni is... alright. I wish I was getting HDs...

    Just riding on the Distinction average being dragged down by stupid finance. =(

    also maffs is gr8
    Oh don't worry about it. 'tis fine

    Anyways, how's uni? I popped by on Thursday - and... yeah, UWS Parra is an alright campus I think. Your School of Maths needs to be bigger though :p
    I find the amount of smilies you use to be completely acceptible :p.

    I have to force myself to avoid using them every sentence - I'm actually very rarely serious and plain text just oozes seriousness lol.

    You better, or I'll acquire your IP, track your address, tie you to a chair with your eyes taped open and force you to watch the DVD box set of Zim XD.

    Jk... Or am I?! DUN DUN DUUUUN!
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