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  • Yeah, I'm finding harder extension one to be the hardest thing I've ever done. Everything else seems pretty moderate in comparison.

    We've done complex, polynomials, harder circle geometry (absolute killer) , harder induction (likewise) and harder inequalities (just a pain, really).

    We started conics last tuesday and should be finished next week.
    hey, how are you guys going in 4U?

    we have less and less people doing it - everyones getting kicked out for falling behind in homework aha
    haha well we've only done complex
    at least you've done conics -is it as bad as peopel say it is?
    like, in comparison to 3U parametrics>

    oh, and yeah, i think i'm gonna get graphs or integration down pat over the holidays
    cambridge will push you if you're confident with it; judging by your posts i'd say you are.
    terry lee has the most/longest exercises and it's the only one in colour (which makes more of a difference than it may seem)
    buy terry lee and borrow cammy from your school library? just dont' return it until next year lol
    lol my patel and coroneos are from 1985~ too and you're very right
    the rules/important formulae aren't even in bold or anything
    like WTF
    school gives us fitzy, our class has cambridge and the other 4U class has terry lee
    - examples from cambridge
    i don't like cambridge, the exercises get harder exponentially
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