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  • Hey boxhunter91,

    Your posts have been pretty helpful I regards to boh. One question, how long did it take for the interview invites to arrive after your pqa? I took the pqa test on the 14 of november and I'm freaking out until the invites for interviews come out. Can you please tell me if the invites come with the results or if the invites come first? It's the29 th today and the interview is one week away. Is there any chance they haven't sent he interview invites yet? I'm so anxious waiting for it. I check my email frantically every hour, everyday.

    well none of the remaining courses i have are available in Ourimbah.
    lol, i suppose dentistry? xD well good luck
    i did ok, got a P and the rest are C's. =)
    hey man, congratz on your results, very nice xD
    well if your not going to transfer at the end of the year, cya man and enjoy ourimbah xD
    i dont have any more courses there unfortunately and good luck ;(
    lol, dude, you'll need like 20 if you want a credit and i'm pretty sure everyone who did the test with half a brain would get more than 25.
    thanks man, gl to the rest of your exams xD
    lol, i think i saw you too, but i was pretty busy trying to find my name while also trying to stay outside the 'crowding around the list' zone ~.~
    yeh i know lol. how long did it take you to finish? i finished like last in my group at 1hr 15min...-.-
    not really lol. i have an anatomy test tomorrow first ^^
    well i hope you get that 40/50 ^^
    and early congratz xD
    lol, i went through the whole thing like just then and i got a few queries of mine own. So i guess i'll have to barrage him myself ^^ but i dont expect anything though :S
    Did you read hers? Probably a smarty ^^
    got a mere 54. =(
    i didnt make any spelling errors but lots of grammatical ones.
    at least it was a pass =)
    and 6:51am? like stay in bed man ^^

    Dentistry subjects run once per year as such there is no mid year entry program.
    If a student fails 2nd semester. They will not be able to redo the subject until 2nd semester of the following year.

    Mid-course transfers takes into account many factors including ATAR and interviews.

    GPA 6.0+
    UMAT 260+

    well i did get like 83/90 in my physics pracs and 19/20 in that other hubs1401 test, but everyone got near me so they're not included and i failed one of my mid-semster exams...i got below class average :(
    so no :( i guess D;
    *facepalm* oh well...at least thats 1 down for me D;
    more silly mistakes are awaiting.
    lmao, i dont really think HD is something within my reach, but i'll be stoked if i ever get one. Hopefully i get a D or two. :)
    i think i might of got the first question wrong...lol
    nah, like the brain one which one of these produces CSF and that phases question was a little gay cause i didnt study for it until like on the train ride this morning and kinda fell half asleep.
    i hope so too :)
    lmao, lucky i do hubs1105 and all the bony crap got jammed into my head cause of that. sesamoid bone ftw xD
    for muscle action potential, i think i put T tubules, but i cant remember, but i think it is that, i watched a movie during the tutorial once and i think that what happened. :S
    Yeh it was an ok test, i think i'll probably get about 5 or so wrong, but its still good. =)
    lol im like 50% through my HLSC, its getting into the stage where its a pain in the ass and i thought i escaped from HSC english for once =(
    nope, lol, too much worrying on my report. Answers will be greatly appreciated xD
    i havent done the infoskills, always been..yeh i'll get around to it sometime soon...
    i've done the research and im hoping its enough. i'm planning it all out with the quotes and stuff.
    lol well i'll look forward to it :)
    lol. were the quiet one or the one who stole the chip from the kid? i suppose the other since you saw me.
    how you get your marks? i just got told. yeh you pass, now go home. :S
    well it was nice to see you :)
    btw the give away was the hlsc1000 handbook that the girl next to you had. :p
    hey were you one of those on the train home teasing those gosford kids at around 3 in the arvo? and how did you go in the assessment?
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