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  • Hey mate, pretty similar post to the guy below me, I am also interested in Property Economics, was wondering if you'd be able to shead a bit of insight on it. I've been following your posts and realise you don't like it but would still like to here the kind of work etc involved as it's one of those degrees I don't have much of an idea what you actually do for it at all. My email is davee_10@hotmail.com, i hope to hear from you, it would be much appreciated. And goodluck with your attempt to transfer out of the course.
    Hey, I was just wondeirng if I could get some of your opinions on the Property Economics course offered at UTS? I've been looking around the different threads and you mentioned that you were unhappy with the course, and I was just wondering if I could get some more information about it? Just because I am considering doing it next year.

    I studied Law / International Studies, and then Law / Economics, but then had a gap year where I worked etc; however Property (namely Property Development and Property Investment) has always been a carear path that has greatly interested me. Would I get alot out of this course?

    Please shoot me an email 'cooperthompson@hotmail.com' and feel free to give me the most biased and opinionated advice as possible!! I would much rather get an honest opinion from someone who has actually studied the course rather than some UAC handbook.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing from you man
    Hey man, howz it goin. i was wondering if i could talk to u about property eco.
    my msn is linds_kilgour27@hotmail.com.
    I was trying to get into this course last yr but got a uai of 85 lol.
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