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    Essay on Caesar ?

    So this is officially my first post.. lol I have an in class task under examination conditions tomorrow to help practice our writing skills for the real HSC exam. We have 45 minutes to write an essay. The question is: Assess the impact and influence of Julius Caesar on his time. And my...
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    fucking HSC.

    fucking HSC.
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    Terror in London: Soldier beheaded on street

    my girlfriend told me about this. fucking disgusting.
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    Gay Marriage and Gay Couples having children (through surrogate, adoption etc)

    well im almost too gay to function :p but what i don't understand is why people oppose gay marriage.. i mean.. you're denying normal human beings the same HUMAN rights that hetero people have. I'm engaged to my girlfriend, and we plan to go get married in f*ckin new zealand because Julia Gillard...
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    Playing the piano

    started playing 3 years ago, haven't really had time to play lately coz of assignments :/ but yah i love piano :) < my piano youtube channel :D
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    Belonging Creative Writing Ideas

    I do advanced english and our teacher JUST resigned, and we just had our new teacher start today. She's a HSC marker and she said NEVER do a creative writing piece like that, or that ends with "it was just a dream" or that begins with "i am new at this school and i don't belong here." she said...