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May 27, 2013
So this is officially my first post.. lol

I have an in class task under examination conditions tomorrow to help practice our writing skills for
the real HSC exam. We have 45 minutes to write an essay.

The question is:

Assess the impact and influence of Julius Caesar on his time.

And my teacher put underneath the question; *Assess: make a judgement of value, quality, outcomes, results or size.

I haven't left this til last minute, as I've been using my time to research and go over my notes from Caesar. I did a practice essay last night and
showed my teacher. She said that essay would be about a C. Which sucks because up til now I've been getting A's. I just REALLY suck at essay writing and structure.

She gave me some stuff to revise. She said "Caesar had the support of the populares, why ? Expand on the Gaul campaign, political office, personal relationships, how did they impact ? He was Dictator, what did he do to maintain this status ? How did he get to that position ?

She said I pretty much need to just say the reason WHY he had so much power, and obviously assess the impact his power had during his time.

I started an introduction, I don't think the length bothered her, so this is what I had: Julius Cesar was a political and military genius whose life had a profound impact upon the development of Ancient Rome and the entire world. He had the most influential effect on Rome than any other Roman Emperor.

I really don't want to memorise an essay in one night, so any tips would be greatly appreciated ! :)
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