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  • lol ye same
    so many of my mates are going overseas >.>
    ahha nooooooo
    i used to make this list b efore (how pathetic) but ye...always been pointless
    any plans for new year's eve?
    Hey there again ! Nahs i'll think i'll do around 12 units or 13 units for my hsc im jst trying out subjects and seeing how i do and stuff but i know i'll drop subjects. But yeah so hows your holidays been lately? I have tutoring in the next few weeks. Yay....
    LOL ye...although imight manage to join the reject group (Y)..good nuf xD
    holidays = boring..for now
    don't have anything to do
    just kill time somehow
    you got any plans for the holis?
    haha so how come you aren't christmasy this year
    i've never really known the true spirit though...all bout the gifts for me :)
    lol nps =)
    sorta am..the new school..so anxious bout it..
    and ye..one step closer to the HSC..wanna get this done with
    seems your all geared up..all folders and all..
    lol..so much thinking ...i just cbb..
    sleep and guitar for now =)
    thanks for the rep and the optimistic comment ! Lets just hope we both kick ass in the hsc! =]
    oh just wait n see...you wana know what school i go to> AL AMANAH COLLEGE (ranked 600 something) ..wat about u
    lol thanx again trust me your gona get some great results..you sound really smart xD
    i bet there's gona be atleast four band 6's....atleast
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