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  • Ohh kwl.

    lol. So yu started skwl early im guessing :)

    I started relatively late cause i broke my arm and had to wait for it to heal before starting skwl.

    Soo, did yu do much today?
    lol. How funny? *now i totally understand yur comment on the opposites* lol.

    hehe, so in that case it doesnt matter much that yu dont work out! *soz didnt mean to invade ur personal space or anything when i asked yu that btw*

    Kwl, I am nearly 18. :p

    What was wrong with saying 21 before?
    WOW :O 5th year? How so...u started uni at 16?? :eek:

    huh? Teaching? as in a double degree or something :shy: ?

    hehe, so wud yu consider urself fit at all *i mean as in build*?

    haha "too long" isnt good enough. :p lol I was just wondering how old my 'online valentine' really was? lol Can yu give me a range? hehe then i'll tell yu how old i am? :p *like u cant guess, but anyways beside the point*
    hehe. Not sure how romantic " my kickboxing valentine" sounds :s ? lol
    Do yu do any sports?

    Ohh Science, lol i did like it until i had the worst teacher in the history of science :p

    Yeh im in year 12. I dont do any sciences, lol aww well opposites attract dont they? hehe jkz.

    How long have yu been at uni?
    Yeh maybe? As long as i get some sorta message i'll be content ;)

    lol. Nah martial arts hehe

    Ohh kwl. Watcha studying at uni?
    :eek: lol. Thats good.

    Nooooooo. :( Get them interested...

    Nm. Training *3hours* and driving *nearly hit 2 cars* and doing hw *boring*. wbu?
    Hello, my "Valentine" i noticed yu were a recent visitor on my page :p ?

    How yu been?

    Gathering that herd and arranging the aerial photo i'd bet. lol :p
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