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  • oh right. i just thought i remember seeing "Banned" under your user.

    haven't your holidays started yet?
    oh hello. i've been good though uni's a bitch.

    haven't seen you on for a while. why were you banned?
    beaten to it, but if ya missed it -

    Works out cheaper than that venom protein (~$15 p/kg vs. ~$20p/kg).
    Nope, born here... background Lebanese :D *with a tad of American*

    Thats why i said no to 'want some lebanese between the knees'. lol

    There are hardly any Lebos on here....
    And the other half... ?

    Nah, thanks for the offer :) lmao i'd so hit someone if they actually said that irl. lol :eek: Wata pick up line?!
    Sorry, but i am just curious, you said in a thread,

    "hey stop spreading such baseless assertions. we are exactly like that. don't take our fire"

    Are you even Lebanese?
    your quite right, that is an achievement, thing is, most people think it directly reduces carbon emissions which it doesn't
    Whats with my quote in ur sig....if you do your research, you'll discover they don't turn the generator down....having said this, I love earth hour for the astronomy aspect
    Lol, those bastards! picking on poo bos negro, he not do anything wrong, he want to be doctor, and they crush his nigga dreams :(
    Poor Nigga_Jew, got killed too by jews. He converted to islam and the nigga's got him.
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