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  • FUN FACT: In Bangladesh, there are no fewer than 100 boat schools. In some areas, roads are impassable during the rainy season from July to October, when rivers rise as much as four metres, hence, the need for boat schools. Each one of the boat schools has internet access, a library and is solar powered.

    ANOTHER FUN FACT: Just discovered that 20 messages is not enough to send off a link lmao 😭
    don't mind this, I just need to reach 20 messages so I'm not considered new lmao. 😁
    With this I will be posting fun facts to reach my goal 💀.

    FUN FACT: A primary school in Phuma Changthang, Tibet, is thought to be the highest school in the world. At 5,373 metres above sea level, it is 200 metres higher than the base camp of Mount Qomolangma, the world’s highest mountain, known as Mount Everest in the West.
    If anyone stalking, feel free to respond to my PIP questionnaire please and thank you. 💕
    If there are any questions or feedback, I wouldn't mind hearing it.
    GOOGLE FORM: Pop Culture's Impact On Dating Trends
    I'm more than happy to fill it out and will do so.
    Is there a date that you need it to be filled out by? It is quite long... so I will need some time.
    there's no rush in filling it out, probably before the start of February would be fine. Thank you so much for considering also 🙏💕
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