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    Dota Discussion

    d/w Dota does not effect school results. I played throughout the hsc even exam week and did fine. PLAY!!
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    Swapping to a lower preference?

    Im sure there are others in a similar boat... Well here is the story... I got a UAI of 96.75 and had my first few preferences as Engineering Space courses at Sydney Uni. After more thought i decided i did not want to do these but instead do Engineering/Architecture at Sydney Uni which ended up...
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    2009 Main Round cut-offs

    ahhhhhhhh what a relief... was reading that it was gonna be over 97... thanks
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    2009 Main Round cut-offs

    Can some one please please tell me the one for: 511762 - Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Design in Architecture at University of Sydney
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    Engineering (Civil) / Design in Architecture

    Gahhhh.... i wasnt worried about tonight till i read this.... we'll see if 96.75 can cut it :( Can i submit extra work/folio like you can in normal architecture?
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    What was your top/worst subject?

    top: Design and Technology lol worst: Maths extension 2
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    UAI Guess Competition

    User: cookiemonsterz UAI Guess (Hope): 96.65 Actual UAI Date: 8/11/2008
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    Multiple choice-Q14

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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    got the question in fron of me. It is an exothermic reaction ( enthalpy is negative ). increasing the temperature causes it to shift left towards the reactant. Therefore c) is not correct, d) is the answer............. it is asking what will make it shift to the right.......
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    Multiple choice-Q14

    What did people get.. 20mL of 0.008 Mol/L HCl is mixed with 30 mL of 0.05 Mol/L NaOH. What is the resultant PH. a) 1.1 b) 2.7 c) 4.0 d) 7.0 how i did it---> n(H+ in HCl)= 0.02 x 0.08 = 1.6x10^-3 n(OH- in NaOH)= 0.03 x 0.05 = 1.5x10^-3 1.6x10^-3 - 1.5x10^-3 = 0.1x10^-3 (H+ ions left...
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Whats up with Q14, i word it out and i got a PH of 4.. 1.6x10^-3-1.5x10^-3 = 0.1x10^-3 = PH 4 Is every one sure Q10 is b), i put a) because i worked it out and gor like 6.45g 12 is A for sure.
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    does any 1 think they will take sig-figs into account for any of the questions, i used them for all of them accept the ones about fuels. Thought it was stupid to do 3 sig figs on like a 10 digit number
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    ooh that was the only question i wasn't sure about. I used the Cl2 gas porential, times it buy 2 and added it to the +ve nickel one. That meant i got a voltage of about 2.9X volts, dont quite remember. What did evry 1 else get?
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    SOOOO EASY much easier then past years, 95 or more raw hopefully
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    Medical Physics - TOMOGRAPHY

    I talked about CAT scans, compared them to normal non tomographical xrays and showsed how tomography made it much better. Talked about MRI and PET scans and how without tomography the data would be useless.