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    what are u scared off hmm? :D

    you were the only one that would have reported the other account I made on monday. I know who you are , well I atleast have a name, shouldnt be too hard to get a picturen if I want, so mr jason min , why did u try and cause troubles for me with accounting? :p
    what are you afraid of??, why didnt you say who you were in the calculus class, did you think I would bash you XD

    I love it when I have people like you scared
    anything else you like to say before you are hopefully banned for a few months. You come on this site to try to make me look bad so i dont get any tutees, and what more your about me section is completely empty, absolutely nothing. Are you that cowardly and spineless, you do all this without even saying what subjects you did, or school you went to. Hopefully this is goodbye for a good 3 months or so :)

    1990 CSSA HSC Trial Papers, Sorted by Topic, Questions from Preliminary Topics (1984-1996) CSSA ZIP (475 KB) 1990 CSSA HSC Trial Papers, Sorted by Topic, Questions from HSC Topics (1984-1996), Part 2 of 2. CSSA PDF (327 KB) 1990 CSSA HSC Trial Papers, Sorted by Topic, Questions from HSC Topics (1984-1996), Part 1 of 2.
    I'm deleting the 3 unit solutions thread, as there wasn't enough interest.

    By the proper way I meant that you can't include any references to the questions, only provide the answers. We are allowed to copy 1 chapter for fair use so you can only copy the answers chapter.

    If you end up doing the solutions, post them in a thread in the 3 unit forums and I will sticky it.
    My biology mark was 92 and my chemistry mark 93. I knew they'd be like that after walking out of the exam.

    Do you mind deleting the second quote in your post, just so people won't see what was there previously? :p
    Hey jm01. Long time no talk. Just wondering, how did you end up going in the HSC?
    Wow...you are seriously the divine troll that God has sent to Earth. Wow, damn missed out on your epic trolling on the physics exam, love to see your next work.
    Someone by the name of SKB at tech? don't think so, at least not my teacher. noone with the last name B***** in maths department.
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