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    HSC Study Guides (2145/2134 NSW) PDHPE | ENGLISH | S SCI ~Cheap~

    Bumpity Bump. All are still available.
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    HSC Study Guides (2145/2134 NSW) PDHPE | ENGLISH | S SCI ~Cheap~

    ADV. ENGLISH 1) Top Notes Richard III Module A 2009-2012 HSC - $5 2) Top Notes Romulus My Father Belonging - $5 3) Top Notes Gwen Harwood Module B 2009-2012 - $5 All in good condition. Hardly used. Might help current students, I dunno. SENIOR SCIENCE 1) Dot Point HSC Senior Science - $10 2)...
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    Plans/To-do list for English during the coming school holidays

    Hello, Thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on your to-do list for the coming holidays relating to English and English HSC Trails. Also would love to hear how you are planning to allocate your time to English study and practice.
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    UNSW Chatter Thread 2013

    Re: Semester 1 UNSW Chatter Thread 2013 I know you're all bombarded with questions but bear with me. Would like to know a couple of things: 1) Anyone know if K17 Computer lab requires ID card to get in. Can non CSE-students go in there? Also, is it true there are lan parties there often...
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    Biology extra curricular ideas?

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if there were any extra curricular actives from universities and/or organisations that are fun to do and should be considered. Something like the NCSS Learn Python initiative from Usyd which I found very useful and engaging. I had in mind competitions...
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    Gwen Harwood Assessment - Written Speech 2009

    No worries - Here is the PDF Version folks:
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    Gwen Harwood Assessment - Written Speech 2009

    Hiya all fellow HSC'ers, I'd like to share my assessment for Module B: Critical Study of Text (2009 - First year of changed English syllabus). It was written speech (we did not have to speak it) with the analysis and connection between (minimum) 2 poems along with personal response and critical...
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    UNSW Subject Reviews.

    2010: Micro 1: Ease: 7/10 Lecturer: Zieme (7/10) /Nichols (9/10) (Nichols was great) Interest: 9/10 Business & Economics Statistics (ECON1203): Ease: 6/10 Lecturer: Fiebig 10/10 Interest: 8/10 ACCT1501 Ease: 7/10 Lecturers: Many... Trish Strong (7/10), Yungdeok (7/10), Tu (8/10) Interest...
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Aw man can't you just give me a straight answer? I do not think it is too hard
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Hi everyone! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. I had a question about prizes for UNSW. Do we get prizes for coming like top 3 in a subject e.g Microeconomics 1
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    general UNSW chit-chat

    Hi there everyone! I hope the break is going well. I just borrowed a book on the 31st of March and someone has already recalled it and it's due tommorow! If anyone is going to uni tommorow from Pendle Hill train station can you please let me know? It would be great if you could return it for me...
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    Can someone please upload the econ1101 & math 1151 course outlines and lecture notes?

    Re: Can someone please upload the econ1101 & math 1151 course outlines and lecture no here is the econ1101 outline: Course Outline.pdf here are the slides: Week 1 Session 1 2010.pdf all thebest
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    The UNSW Textbook Buy/Sell Thread

    Hi I am looking for - Principles of Microeconomics 2E (ECON1101) - Financial Accounting 4th ed by Trotman et al (ACCT1501) - Statistics for Management & Economics 8th ed by Keller (ECON1203) - Management by Robbins et al 5th ed (MGMT1001) If you have all of them can we make a deal? Thanks