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    Thermodynamics question

    The base equation to describe this as per the physics formula sheet - Q/t = k * A * DeltaT /d where k = thermal conductivity, A = area, DeltaT is the temperature difference between the heated material and the surrounds. So the rate of heat transferred in watts/sec (Joules) will be proportional...
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    Help with Density/Concentration Questions!

    13.0mL of ethanol x 0.79 g/mL = 10.27 grams of ethanol. The ethanol will be dissolved into the solution that's been made up to 100 mL. (a) 10.27 g / 100mL of solution (b) 10.27 g/ 100mL = 102.7 g / litre (divide answer (a) by 0.1) (c) Based on 100 ml of solution, (10.27 g / 100 mls) * 100 =...
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    Molar Volume Question

    Ca(OH)2(s) + CO2(g) - CaCO3(s) + H2O(l) Need to calculate the number of moles of CO2 to start. For this use: PV = nRT - ideal gas law P = pressure (absolute pressure in Pascals), V = volume (litres), n = no of moles of gas, R = universal gas constant, T = temp in degrees Kelvin make...