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    I use dotpoint for physics and surfing for chem. I have success one books for chem physics so thats okay (2012 edition).
    Cheers bro.
    Yeah man, I got what I needed (and a little bit more). :)

    Umm yeah. Opting for eng science/law at UTS (can't do law @ unsw/usyd coz of cutoff). :\
    Inbox is full.

    I was just gonna ask on workbooks and what U recommend...

    Chem: dot point vs surfing (I have surfing)
    Physics: I have dot point
    Eco: was gonna purchase Riley's workbook...
    English: wont bother lol.

    Cheers... Might wanna include this in ur post if u want to aswell.
    haha ill send you my fb link on pm :)
    I had UNSW comm/eco as first pref untill 11.48 where I changed it to USYD comm for reasons unknown :p
    Deswa, sorry to bother u, but u no in the study plans for the holidays could u Plz delete ur post on page 5 Plz? Don't want Btx finding me before 6th of jan- it has my first name, cheers bro :)
    Is the answer heat loss? Just making up a bs answer here lol. Like, the reduced energy, some is lost in the form of heat?
    Nice, thanks man :). (our school does Industrial as well, apparently due to it being so relatable (is that a word) to Acidic Environment)
    I stuffed some tasks up though :/. And I don't the great discipline to study for subjects other than maths, so these marathons will help me loads.
    Nice, nice. Nah I don't go tutoring for anything and I want to remain so. I want to see if I can get a 99 ATAR without tutoring.

    And can you check if bleakarcher's answer is absolutely correct? It seems correct to me, because he mentioned how we can shift equilibrium to left and etc. but I haven't done this in about 1 month so I need a second opinion to make sure he hasn't missed anything.
    Someone is very close to the answer, he just needs to explain it correctly.
    Some people don't like it when I post questions like this hehe, I should of left it for later.
    I'll be all over the campus, so we'll see how things go.... make the most of info day, it's probs when you'll make your decision hahahaha.
    I'll be helping out at info day, haven't been told to attend the reception but i'll see.. you know ruse got 20 .90s this year? LOL. well, i'm sitting on a 78-79 atm, which is just fine - they're more lenient with law anyway. having said that, my uni study habits vs hsc study habits have taken a massive plunge... you get more chances to be social and have fun in uni, and most of the work is crammed into the end of the semester. good marks in uni require hard work more than anything, so if you put in a decent amount of work, you should be fine. 80 isn't terribly difficult to get, but it's not easy either.
    haha hectic man, totally advocating unsw (Y) is there a high achievers reception this year for unsw law or not? i haven't heard anything about it... lucky you had the choice to go unsw or usyd, but tbh i'm glad i went unsw now, so much better than usyd... in the end, .90 was exactly what i needed and exactly what i got, so no regrets anymore (brotip: usyd has closed-book law exams, unsw has open book... LOL)
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