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  • Probably a mid-credit average.

    The information about how many units and ATAR applies as well.
    Around a high credit to distinction WAM for UNSW.

    To quote UNSW: You can apply for transfer into a UNSW degree after completing a minimum of 6 courses (36 UOC). Assessment is based on your ATAR and/or results from university studies. Apply online through UAC (domestic students) or directly with UNSW (international students).

    So UNSW will consider your WAM or WAM+ATAR, whichever is better, for your transfer mark.

    If you want to transfer after sem 1, then that will be purely ATAR based, but probably more harder to get in unless you have a 96+ ATAR.

    I am not really sure about USYD.
    Yes, technically. It all depends on supply and demand, so if there aren't many applications, and you are in the amount of spots available, then you will get an offer.
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