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Recent content by dragons2011

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    hey guys i wanna lose weight does anyone have good diet plans? thanks
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    hey but if i want to do assessment tasks can i got to TAFE not to school? and would i have to go 5 times a week? and would be classified as a school rank?
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    hey if someone decides to repeat for example 3 hsc courses, are they completed through school (i.e. go 5 times a week) or through TAFE? also would the person have to repeat assessment tasks? thanks
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    but if they were vague in order to get high marks you would need to go beyond syllabus and they would mark way more harsher if its an easy essay question so i still think around 81-82
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    Hey what do you think will be the band 6 cut off this year? Thanks
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    Sections III, IV - Extended Response

    for fiscal policy in regards to economic activity the main things you talked about were contractionary expansionary and neutral stance and the impacts of each on the economy
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    overall mark?

    what would an 85 as an overall raw mark get me? thanks
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    what would be the raw mark for an e3 this year? thanks
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    stuck in a past hsc questoin

    Yes but the most obvious answer to 'explain how fiscal policy could be used by a government to reduce a deficit on the current account.' would be to say the government allocates a greater amount of expenditure towards infrastructure to reduce bottlenecks therefore allowing exporters to take...
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    Sor 1

    ok but would you see in your intro your criteria is based on ....?
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    Sor 1

    ok thanks but what do they mean for criteria?
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    Sor 1

    hey how do you an answer an evaluate question in SOR 1 exam?
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    sor 1

    hey what is raw mark needed for band 6? thanks
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    please help!

    hey i still havent properly learnt how to answer an EVALUATE question. could someone tell me the difference between assess and evaluate and how to structure and evaluate questions PLEASE? thanks
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    3u math

    oh wow and what external mark what i need to get?