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  • i love it when i watch you walking home from school though, don't get your Ps too soon.
    you made the assumptions first cunt, i don't have time for your notice when I'm outside your house you best be ready for our showdown
    lolollolololollo not really mate, your posts say a lot about yours though. Well you're online around 2 hours a day, along with the study you would be doing for your goal of 94-95. You don't leave time for much extra and if you play a sport well that just means you have 0 time for a social life so please cunt don't mess with 6 foot 4 and 115kg of pure lean mass.
    lol you can't trick me m8, you're some italian cunt from western sydney, slowly i will find you. When i can be bothered that is, Im the stalker round these parts m8, don't mess around boi
    look lad your good mate spiritual and your semi good m8 capt rifle will be helpful in me acquiring your deets
    thats it, name, school, date of birth, subjects, teachers, address, phone number, parents names will be found
    didn't study one bit man
    just went to see my new house that I'm moving into next week
    studying later tonight

    and thats mad lol
    I'm doing this legal question we have to hand in

    I'll finish english questions tonight sometime (all)

    then I'll begin my english essay and finish it tomorrow sometime

    take it easy man it'll all be done
    it was like two questions below it ay
    like an identify than describe

    nws man. maybe notre dame is stretching it but its certainly a goal you can have
    yes you basically know the crap before everyone else
    only go one dot point ahead at a time during school days (or two if its small dot points)

    I do 10 units remember so I have to do this stuff

    in holidays you can finish more than one dot point obviously lol - depending on how much you want to do

    what was the business homework
    ill do them sometime this night
    then again
    I've gone ahead in every subject
    literally every one

    and I write essays everyday


    english I'm writing a lot of essays and I do the questions on the side to refine my understanding

    its not much work man just sit there with all distractions off and you'll get it done
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