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    Please help me with prelim/yr 11 subject selections!!

    Whatever you do: MX1, Bio,Chem & Eco are solid disciplines; good choice. (I, for one, would like to be strong in the basic disciplines - they are the foundation for many different courses). Why not also do Physics as well and, of course an English of some sort. In the end, most people end up...
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    pls help

    5:43 ?
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    Need help with double angle question

    $LHS $ = \frac {sin 2x}{cos 2x} \times \frac {cos x}{sin x} = \frac {2sinx\cdot cosx \cdot cos x}{cos 2x \times sin x} \\ \\ = \frac {2cos^2 x}{cos 2x} = \frac {cos 2x + 1}{cos 2x} = \frac {cos 2x}{cos 2x} + \frac {1}{cos 2x} = 1 + sec 2x
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    what do you think of my subjects? biology or economics? or..?

    Some hate a subject because they are not interested in it. Some hate it because they cannot handle it (hopeless at it!). But if you need it, you need it.
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    what do you think of my subjects? biology or economics? or..?

    In general, people in my generation have the view: if it requires Physics, then I'll just have to do it - whether or not I like it or are good at it. Make yourself better at it, if not necessarily very good at it. I cannot just do what I like; I must do what I need, even if I don't like it. You...
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    Any details about 2021 4u math new syllabus?

    In some ways, I think, the new 4U will be easier. The Vectors part should be relatively easy.
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    what do you think of my subjects? biology or economics? or..?

    If doing Optometry, maybe useful to do Physics (if current syllabus includes some Optics) as well.
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    Am I better off dropping down to Standard Maths?

    For heaven's sake, don't drop to Standard to get high 90s. I'd rather a 70 in so-called Advanced than a 90 in Standard! You want as high a maths as you can manage: you never know what course you may want to pursue 4 years from now. What if it says it needs 5 or higher in 2U Advanced or even an...
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    Need help with the following motion Q

    I take this to mean: \int ^5 _4 vdt = \int _4 ^5 (4t + 5t^2) dt
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    Lowest ATAR in the top 2 schools?

    Also some got in, but are intrinsically not up to scratch. They probably struggle during the last 2 or 3 years, as it dawns on them that they are not good enough to be in those schools. The reverse of this are students who fail to get into such top selective schools, for one reason or another...
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    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    If Data Science appeals to you, and requires a Masters, then make sure you first do your Bachelor's in an appropriate field. I myself have no idea what is required to become a Data Scientist. But compared to 40 or more years ago, today's Masters are not so difficult, as most are Course-based, if...
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    help needed with following question sigma notation question, thanks

    You can evaluate this as the sum of the sum of the 1st 20 terms of: a GP: 3 + 9 + 27 + . . . and of an AP: 1 + 3 + 5 + . . . \therefore \sum_{i=1} ^{20} = \frac {3(3^{20} - 1)}{3 - 1} + \frac {20}{2} (2 \times 1 + (20 - 1)\times 2)
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    help needed

    \int ^{\frac{1}{3}} _0 \frac {e^{3x} }{e^{6x} + 1} dx =\int ^{\frac{1}{3}} _ 0 \frac {e^{3x}}{e^{6x} + 1} dx =\frac {1}{3} \int ^- _- \frac {1}{1 + (e^{3x})^2} d(e^{3x}) \\ \\ = \frac {1}{3} \left [ tan^{-1} e^{3x} \right ]^\frac{1}{3} _0 = \frac {1}{3}[tan^{-1} e^1 - tan ^{-1} e^0 ] = \frac...
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    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    I have not read the various posts above. But a newly emerging field for those who are strong in maths/statistics/IT? is Data Science (or whatever other names they may use) - people in such fields are very well paid. In my days what can you do if you majored in Maths? You can teach maths in...
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    Inverse Trig Question

    y = sin(something) Since -1 <= x <= 1, the inverse cos can take the range of angles from 0 to 180 deg. So the sin can take all the values from 0 to 1. So range is: 0 <= y <= 1