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    Is it worth keeping maths extension 1?

    Try to find out why you were not doing better? What areas were you having difficulties in your MX1; can you do better with more effort? Put in extra effort and learn from any "mistakes" you may have made in your 1st test. Now see how you go in your next test and see how you go, before deciding...
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    How do I improve in Maths?

    You need to provide more details of what happened. Which new topics were you experiencing problems with. When you got lower marks, why were you getting lower marks? etc etc. Without more background info, we can only guess what or where your difficulty lies.
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    Geometric Proving

    Above from an old Signpost Year 8 Book. Say we are given a parallelogram ABCD. e start with the definition of the parallelogram, in this case only that it is a quadrilateral with opposite sides, viz AB & DC and AD & BC being parallel. That's all we are given. How do you prove that: i) AB = DC...
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    Geometric Proving

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    Geometric Proving

    When I was in my Primary and Secondary school, classical (Euclidean) Geometry was an important part of our Maths curriculum. If you are good in this elementary geometry, it will help your other maths greatly. Proofs in school geometry are your first exposure to Deductive Reasoning - i.e. how to...
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    converting from cartesian to parametric form

    y = 8x + 5 So, take any point on the line like (1, 13) or (0, 5) Gradient m = 8 means x : y = 1 : 8 so a direction vector is \binom 1 8 So a vector equation of y = 8x + 5 is: \binom x y = \binom 1 {13} + \lambda \binom 1 8 Correction: I thought it was for a vector equation. For my...
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    Vector q

    Given line equation does not look correct. Maybe intended to be: 2i + 4j+ l(-2i + 7j) ???
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    One More Q

    \frac{d ln(ln x)}{dx} = \frac{d ln(ln x)}{d lnx}\times \frac{dln x}{dx} = \frac{1}{ln x} \times \frac{1}{x} = \frac {1}{xln x}
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    q help

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    Tips for inequality proofs

    Your question too open.
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    How would you do this

    Suppose to the contrary: rational number + irrational number = rational number . . . . (*) i.e. R1 + IR = R2 i.e. m/n + IR = r/s where m,n,r,s are integers .: IR = r/s - m/n = (nr - ms)/ns = integer/integer (a rational number) .: an irrational number is a rational number This is a...
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    Solve the inequality

    I didn't realise until a few years ago that a Sign Diagram can be a very efficient way to solve such inequalities. It is not normally taught in the HSC.
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    Maths Help

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    Good English coaching centres for Year 7

    i see your problem. I'm unaware of present day challenges. The world has changed dramatically since my time as a kid.