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  • hey i was reading the forums and from what i can guess u went to talent 100? do you know how the students at talent 100 went atar wise? how did you go, im guessing u did really well considering you go to ruse? ;)
    You said in some thread you wanted to do Comm/Law- wondering whether that was @ USYD or UNSW?
    +Regarding IB, would one be disadvantaged by doing Eco/Law instead?
    Hey around what raw marks do you need to be getting at Ruse in a certain subject if you want a Band 6 in your HSC?
    You have been loving the ladies for quite a while, some might even consider you a lady expert.
    since I'm not spamming the thread any more than it already is,
    I know, but using msn makes my mother go antsy, and I didn't have the time last night anyway.
    have you finished the sheets yet?
    If the calculus in the Mathematics course is easy, is the calculus in the Mathematics Extension 1 and Extension 2 courses much more intense? What would make it more difficult?
    You do know "an hero" is someone who cries over nothing, right?
    I don't get your rep comment...was it that time I called someone an an hero
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