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  • lol

    iruler: (to townie) you should've told me so we could meet up
    me: lol m8 who on earth would want to meet you
    iruler: apparently your mum does
    Hey I'm okay I'm in Singapore at the moment get back to australia tomorrow, but there's free wifi in this hotel so first time I've been on the Internet for a while (a week is a while right?) anyways, how are you?
    DAT SONG M8.

    Subway called me. Wish me luck.

    Yeah I'm not sure if I'm passionate about exorcism. BUT DEFINITELY MIND CONTROLLLLLLLLLLLLL.
    The part where she says "We are one" =''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''[. Actually the best moment in my life hands down.
    I've applied lieeek everywhereeeeeeeeeee zomg. What do you have to do? Lifting? Cause I have no muscles.
    I'm doing Psychological science so hopefully I come out being able to read/control minds and performing exorcisms.
    Do you reckon you'll do uni?
    Hells yeah, I've been sleeping 10 hours a day or something ridiculous like that. Three 9AM starts at uni don't exactly help my cause though.
    I luuuuuuuuurve the Lion King, number 2 is my favourite movie.
    Awww k where are you working? I'm totes looking for a job =[
    Uni for me this year and probably the next 2 years haha
    I've actually not really stayed up for all that long. I've gone one night without sleeping, but I crashed at about 4PM next day. I kinda sorta value sleep above many other things.
    What was the depressing movie called, I need some of that cause it's going to rain all week.
    SAME what are you doing this year?
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