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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    Wow, was it really that generic? I wonder why I struggled with it then haha. I did talk about identity but I'm just not happy with how I went today. Well, life goes on and on a positive note, there's 60% left so I should probably stop thinking about it! :)
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    I liked section 2, fit perfectly with my creative! :D For section 3, I don't think I even answered the question but I tried my best! Perhaps I should be worrying more about paper 2!
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    Section 3 - Extended Response

    I feel like I'm one of the only people who struggled with section 3.
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    Question about EAS

    EAS is for long-term disadvantage so I don't think you should pursue it unless you can prove that it has affected your educational performance for at least 6 months.
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    English Assessment Remarks?

    I don't think so. Our school does that as well and from memory, all schools have to do it to show the standards of their students' work. So if the BOS wants to see what a 20/20 response would look like at a certain school, they can do that. Sorry if this wasn't very helpful! :)
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    Related text is a prescribed text????

    I think you should. For the HSC, you could get a marker who knows that text very well after teaching it for years and what if they don't agree with your analysis? You'll probably get marked down.
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    Can you please clear your inbox? I just need to ask you a quick question :)

    Can you please clear your inbox? I just need to ask you a quick question :)
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    Repeat hsc?

    You mentioned that your parents really want you to do medicine. May I ask what you want to do?
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    United Kingdom for globalisation case study???

    I'm going to disagree and say that you shouldn't do the UK for your case study. It's better to choose a developing economy because from what I've heard, sometimes there is a question in the HSC about growth and development. It's much more obvious with developing economies.
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    is it a good idea to do 3U+4U maths in one year at TAFE if I've only done 2U?

    I've heard this question asked a few times at school, does anyone know the answer? :)
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    Mine is 2.03 and I don't even post that much anymore haha

    Mine is 2.03 and I don't even post that much anymore haha
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    Past exam papers

    I think he is looking for university past papers.
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    would you stop buying hard copies of books and download them off the net?

    That's not weird :) I smell my books when I buy them :p
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    Respondents wanted for online community research

    It doesn't work for me either.
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    Year 11 2013 Chit Chat Thread

    Good to know I'm not the only one then :)