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  • im pretty ok with it.
    pretty relieved i passed 1105
    and credits in the rest

    yeh, i dont feel like going back to UNCLE, its like...so life draining.
    mmm maybe, but im not going to that centre for a while now :S
    yeh currently it isnt us who gets to pick which job we want, its them who picks what kind of people they want. Im still envious >.<
    lol i just did that kinda physics in my last sem and it was for Learners too and i found it pretty freaken hard so good luck lol.

    i had my interview at macquarie shopping centre.
    i did lie! a bit, thought it would of been enough.
    i swear she was trying to make me drop myself by going on how the work is demanding blah blah blah and what was the trick? forgot sorry ^^, but i dont think anything would of gotten me that job. There were too many faults and lots of misunderstanding.
    lol luckily there is not much maths in our courses :p

    well i mean thats not too bad, i rather prefer to have a job than no job xD
    had an interview today, but rejected...again ~.~
    lol, well im guessing biomed is really built for the top-tier hsc students ^^
    Wow a D? congratz xD im guessing you'll be a pretty fine physio in the future =)

    i hope so and no im pretty sure its 38. 37x2=74 and the test is out of 75 :S
    lol home sweet home ^^ well enjoy the next few weeks while its all good
    lol, how bad was the physio and biomed? Was it theory based or like practical eg. mathematical? Mmm yeh i was at first like omg...im gonna fail this so bad...then near the end i did like every question and i know i got at least 30 correct, mostly from the online quizzes and im really hoping to get another mininmum of 8 from somewhere to pass, but its fading away since i know i got 10 wrong so far and my guessing skills in anatomy usually gets like a 10% average =(

    yeh lol, when i went it, i was like who are those people? Examiners??? Thats quite a bunch. Well at least they didnt get delayed that much. My hlsc1000 had to wait about an extra 15 minutes before they decided to stop waiting for the last busload of people to come and also didnt even tell us the questions that were taken out ~.~

    well i hope we get through and good luck if you got any remaining exams ^^
    lol, i think im on the border line as well :S i felt like i guessed 15 of them and i know i got about 5 wrong so far... :S
    lol, but mine was kinda different hopefully this works ^^

    me (empty) (empty) (girl) (girl) (girl)
    (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl)
    (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl) (girl)

    lol its just the spot test tomorrow, no need to stress too much ^^
    i mean all you need to know are your major bones and your major muscles ^^
    like your biceps and triceps

    well if you insist, i suggest you look up 101 ways to kill yourself ^^ and try out the most funniest one just so you die happy xD
    lol, i think i pissed off my supervisor with my really soft voice that she had to lean on my table to be able to hear me, so she decided to pretty much stand in front of me for about 30 minutes before i finished waiting for me to leave. i was the person right at the front in the corner mind you ^^.
    lol well tell that to the people who didnt show up. the people who were meant to be next to me for 2 seats didnt even show up ^^
    i guess so ^^
    gl tomorrow xD
    lol, the people in my group all left within the first hour and i was like one of the last few people to leave and i left 1hr and 15minutes into it =)

    yeh...i hope the spot test was as easy as the time i went in and tried out a few sample questions :S

    and goldeneye was like the best game ever! especially how you earn the cheats for finishing the levels quickly ^^
    lol well i remember the 007 days and the pixelated duke nukem ^^

    lol well i hope he's right and that my bigger worries will be how to get there :S

    anatomy is logical apparently so just go with whatever goes into your mind and also study *intend to, intendto, intendo, nintendo*

    ty ^^ 50% isnt what i kinda want lol.
    lol, my neighbour had a ps1 or 2 i forgot. i was only like 5 >.<
    i remember blowing into our game cartridges to clear out the dust if the game didnt load. Also i found out before they 'scientifically proved it' that you become dumber playing it, when i remembered 20 things, then played the game for 5 minutes then i forgot them all. Literally. 0.0

    lol, well at least it will be a dignified death ^^ and holidays..."go get a job"...dont think i want to think to far into the future ^^
    why ty ^^
    lol, i had a n64 too, but im not sure what happened to it :S

    havent you been on blackboard lately? they posted up some new stuff to hlep you deal with all the crap. sigh...the worst 3 weeks (idk about you) are about to begin.
    lol, i'll try...dodging dangerously death-seeking golf balls, who can permanently 1 hit ko you as well as outrunning, outsmarting and outmaneuvering a stampede of elite horses, while facing the final boss...a bunch of papers put together by an evil organisation who seriously don't know what they were doing for the last 14 weeks, let alone, questionable, the last few years. If defeated, it is game over and i'll have to restart all over again (the game. I hope you know what i'm talking about ^^).

    anyway lol, well im pretty much focusing on hubs and looking over the lecture notes of hlsc. I dont think it would be terribly difficult. ^^
    and to top it off...the free freken bus leaves like 12 minutes before i get there and im not gonna wake up an extra 30 minutes to wait 30 minutes for it
    lol, well i guess i'll just have to ask some random on the road. Hopefully they'll know the answer and more hopefully, they'll stop and help ^^

    the racecourse is so big idk where i meant to be and their map that they gave us pointed me to the golf course and so im utterly confused =(
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