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Recent content by Epeec

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    Music 2

    study for it ironically
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    Should I do 4U maths?

    Im just asking for other people's opinion since im sure i wasnt the only one to question myself. I just had my exams and got 100 in 2u (1st) and 60 in my 3u (3rd [first was 65, 2 marks ahead]). I did poorly not because the test was hard, but because I simply panicked and did numerous silly...
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    How are temperature, thermal energy and particle motion related?

    All you physics gods out there, plz help. Apparently there is a thing called heat capacity which is what makes the temperature and thermal energy relate.
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    Are there any selective schools that accept in year 12???

    Really curious as I want to switch from my school to a better school if possible (Very shit science and english department). Any selective schools in sydney which accept students in year 12?
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    How to study for english

    Kevin u fat dog die
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    WTF should I do??

    That would be totally fine and fair if it was ever mentioned in any of my classes for the past 11 years. Not one class ever told me that or even suggested that that is the case. Thankfully this is not HSC and Ive learned my lesson, but I don't think it is fair to mark down for things which...
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    FAILED Miserably

    Maths is honestly the easiest subject of them all (no joke). Its hard to understand, but it is more than straight forward. If you do not understand a specific topic e.g Calculus, do practice questions in different textbooks, over and over, spend hours and hours mastering it till you can easily...
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    WTF should I do??

    Alright so we had a bio practical exam, and only 6 people passed. I didn't. The exam was, believe it or not, very easy. The way they marked us was absolutely ridiculous! I lost one of the marks because I didn't put a border around my results table!! I also got marked on numerous things I wasn't...