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    SECTION 4 question

    The questions are still very straightforward even though it is much better written as 'Evaluate how operations management may respond to external influences' and likewise for the HR question. Any well-prepared student should know straight away to write about strategies, regardless if it was...
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    HSC English (Advanced) Paper 2 2016 - scan as PDF

    The papers are now online:
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    Economics Essay question

    Generally you wouldn't want to go much further back than the GFC, and you really shouldn't have to either.
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    HSC English (Advanced) Paper 2 2016 - scan as PDF

    Who did you hear this from? They usually have exam papers up within days.
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    Got 44% (35/80) for Year 11 Business. How to study for HSC?

    Make sure you know the entire syllabus. Use acronyms if you struggle to memorise parts of it. Place specific emphasis on knowing definitions too. After this, ensure you cover everything. For business studies, it's better to know something about everything than everything about something as you...
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    for Those memorising an essay/is this an okay essay plan for this module? (P&P)

    For what it's worth, I don't know my raw mark for this essay specifically, but I had no mention of the savage reservation in my essay last year and got a 94 external mark. It's not necessarily about covering everything in the text, but extrapolating concepts from the text and presenting them in...
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    HSC Economics 2016 essay questions?

    Unemployment, exchange rates, case study and environmental sustainability are quite probable. CAD and distribution of income and wealth are also possibilities. Protection is less likely.
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    Why Tesla was the greatest geek that ever lived! A must read.

    You can't have one without the other.
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    Distinguished Achievers List

    Already posted ^
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    Question about correct marks or moderation.

    The assessment marks of a cohort are moderated according to what the cohort achieves in the external examinations. The student ranked first receives the highest external mark attained by the cohort as their internal, and vice versa for the student ranked last. Everybody else is adjusted...
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    when do state ranks come out?

    They were delayed last year until around 3PM. Looks like a bit of a delay again.
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    major scare

    The second calculator isn't so accurate
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    How badly does failing 2 units affect my ATAR?

    The difference between your mark and an 80 in physics is probably in the vicinity of 3-5 ATAR
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    How badly does failing 2 units affect my ATAR?

    English standard or advanced?
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    Share your 2015 HSC results here

    Even if you don't beat your 2u with your 4u, you have to remember that 3u counts for an extra unit as an added bonus