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Recent content by fleck27

  1. fleck27

    UOW 2009 Roll Call

    I got into Law/Commerce, but I don't know whether I'm going to start this year or not
  2. fleck27

    Top Achievers in Course List

    Re: Top 20 in Course List I wish I had managed to catch this yesterday. I was seriously worried about doing shitty/failing Business Services, but now that I look at it today, I came second hahahahah Awesome :)
  3. fleck27


    Nah, its only on the internet
  4. fleck27

    are most ppl gonna check results at approx 6am??

    Ive got to get up at 6.30ish anyway tomorrow for work, so I may aswell get up a bit earlier! EEK
  5. fleck27

    Whats it like living in Armidale?

    Sounds pretty good Is there any nightlife?
  6. fleck27

    Whats it like living in Armidale?

    Im interested in going to UNE, but I dont really know much about the city at all, only that the last and only time I went there it was friggen FREEZING! Can anyone give me a few good points?
  7. fleck27

    Law/Criminology @ UNE?

    I'm really interested in doing this degree as well...not too keen on Armidale though ;)
  8. fleck27

    UAI Guess Competition

    User: Fleck27 UAI Guess: 84.24 Actual UAI: Signed: 19/11/08
  9. fleck27

    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    Business Studies 5 / 35 English (Advanced) 15 / 89 Legal Studies 1 / 9 General Mathematics 13 / 54 Modern History 3 / 15
  10. fleck27

    David Oldfield One nation dude

    Bahahaha i just saw it and came here I loved his "hahahaha"- very hearty ;)
  11. fleck27

    Long Answer Response

    Alright, cool, thanks :) Yeah it is my last too, wooo! Good luck to you aswell :)
  12. fleck27

    Proofreading symbols

    Ahhh, I searched on google and cant find the correct set of proofreading symbols, like the ones used in the 2007 exam....does anyone have all of them? I dont know what they are :(
  13. fleck27

    Long Answer Response

    In the exam, are these responses meant to have an intro, conclusion and be really structured? or is it more just put down what you can???
  14. fleck27

    What to do?

    Probably the wrong forum. Id say Modern and Ancient are equally as demanding, however I have heard that Modern is harder. Physics would be less demanding in that its you wouldn't be required to hand in lengthy essays such as you would be for the history subjects, but its probably more...
  15. fleck27

    Stay away from this subject!

    My biggest problem with this subject is that I do it at TAFE- basically all of the modules are pass/fail which means i have never been given a standard test in which to gauge my abilities on. We did the trial, but apparently its TAFE policy now to not give us our marks, so I never found out if I...