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  • heya, its from a youtube series called bart the general. the video which my av is from is: YouTube - Bart the General 3 Part 1 but its probs best to watch it from the start. the best show ever
    Heyy man.

    I'm already watching this series haha, it's maad XD
    Thanks for the suggestion though.
    Remember, 98% of people here are try hard "impress-ers" and many bullshit to make themselves seem special etc...
    Love your posts man...don't ever stop being tough...too many pussies on BoS
    Haha lol XD

    Same. Same. Most of my songs are from anime's I've watched, lol.
    Anime / Jdramas are so addictive. Eats up all my bandwidth without me even realising it!
    I only know 1 bad from your list.

    I love ASIAN KUNG FU GENERATION. Best song by them: "After Dark"
    And yes, it was one of the BLEACH opening themes, lol.
    My favourite Jpop band (already mentioned this, but I love them so much) is IKIMONO GAKARI.

    Huge fan of cosplay!! Don't know what Visual Kei is though. I shall wiki it, hehe.
    Do you go to any anime / pop festival conventions like SUPANOVA or ANIMANIA?
    I know aye! 80 episodes!! It's a good idea to read the manga first, like you said.
    Oughhh. The dreaded "Bounto Saga" was horrible. The fillers were unbearable >__<

    Oh and manga is awesome! XD
    I strongly recommend that you try reading "MONSTER" by Naoki Urasawa
    It's the best. It's not your typical definition of a "monster" but the way they portray the bad guy and his subtle movements is so powerful.

    I'm pretty sure you can find it in your local library.
    If not, you can read it online. I use Read Free Manga Online at Manga Volume. Online manga scans reader. it's a great site!
    [Wasn't paid to advertise, LOL]

    I've been into Jpop since Year 8. Only really started to get into it after my SC exams.
    My favourite band being Ikimono Gakari =D

    Do you listen to J-music? LOL XD
    Haha, thanks man. I feel a lot better, seriously. ^__^
    I'm happy that you found meaning in what I've posted.

    Oh my goshh~!!! Japanese colloquial mannerisms are EPIC, "ne"? XD
    I don't watch the anime much, but I'm a follower of the manga.
    I read the manga online, and it's getting really good!

    OTAKU!!! You're the first I know to mention that term on the forums. I'm so happy, haha (n___n)

    My avatar is from "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4"
    It's a great game. The storyline is so captivating.
    All the cut scenes are anime! So it's like playing through an anime story.

    The picture appears during battle, when you land a critical blow to the enemy.
    As the enemy is in a temporary state of extreme vulnerability, the team suddenly get excited and smash the heck outta the helpless "shadow".

    So when you look at my dp, imagine them saying:
    "Team up!" or "Now, while the enemy's down!" or "Let's get 'em!"
    Haha, random I know.

    Well thanks again for the rep. Friends? :D
    Take caree.
    Oh hello there.

    Thanks for the encouragement!
    I was pretty badly damaged by the responses there.
    Haha.. ehhh.

    I'm trying to steer clear from that thread now, lol.
    Anime fan? What anime's do you watch?
    I see that yo like BLEACH and you know DEATH NOTE!.

    So I was wondering why you haven't joined the Bleach Page or the Anime Page?

    Thanks again for the encouragement. I really needed it, lol :D
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