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  • Transfer all your completed units over --> internal transfers (or transfers to a course at the same uni) will retain the marks from your units
    If you transfer to another university they will give you credit, but you won't retain the marks
    When you transfer you also get to decide which units to apply for credit for and you cannot get credit for failed units
    Some people only apply for credit for units they gained a D or higher when transferring to the same institution to raise their WAM/GPA.
    So theoretically, you could do that and then transfer back, only applying for credit for the units you want.

    but you can probably find more details on the process of internal transfers and how they calculate your WAM from Student Services.
    My degree is OK. As its coop the internships and scholarship is the main appeal.

    The classes are pretty mediocre but the majority of uni is glorified textbook summaries and requires self learning anyway.

    I don't know how it compares. But if you can get into my specific course I'd recommend UTS.
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