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  • Do you still have:
    Success One Maths Extension 1 1992 to 2007 - $10
    Success One Chemistry 2001 - 2006 - $5 ?
    Reply to my email please, dwbh_@hotmail.com :)
    Lols, when you say that...

    Wait, oh snap. Advanced Science (Adv. Maths)? If you do that, crap, that's a 99+ ATAR!
    Crap, that is crazy.
    Wow, that's interesting.
    Ah wait, I'll be in your situation. Lols...

    Btw, what's your ATAR? and what degree are you doing?
    Why did you avoid my question?

    But for me? Hmm, I haven't really thought about it yet.
    Gosh, my friend has it all figured out. He is so obsessed with Jessica that he just fly to South Korea to see her, and go on a date with her once. Fly all the way to Korea? He is wacked man.
    Ok then. Say you had a date with Tiffany, how far would you go?

    And why am I asking? I don't know, out of curiosity.

    I'm sorry to say, but whose the girl in your DP? She is starting to get my attention a bit too much. SNSD fan?
    wow, hello!
    I havent been on here in SO LONG!!!
    I did alright I guess.. going to ACU, B arts then a dip ed so I can do highschool teaching
    how have you been?
    hey i noticed you used BIC Ultra Round Stic Grip pens. I was wondering where you bought them from? I can't seem to find them anymore
    95.35, calculator overestimated mine by one point too

    wow, i totally thought we would end up with the same mark :/

    good luck to you anyway
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