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  • Oh hello friend!
    Haven't been on for SO long, but exams are up and I need new means of procrastination.
    Can't believe you remember me haha. How are you
    oh how was it? hope it was awesome!
    ye my maths assessment task went from this thrusday to this wednesday but im already prepared for it.
    what was ur assessment on? how is school going so far?
    i have a maths assessment next week then i have 1 for ext 1 english on the first day of wk 11 and then i have an assessment for english on the last day of this term :) wbu?
    ooooh poor kiddo, try to relax some more eh? i know how its like to get all stressed out and all :)
    gwd gwd *well not really- but yeh trying*. Arggh 'friends' and their fucking issues these days.

    lol Poor thing. GO TO BED NOW. :)
    Yeah he does I actually know him personally haha. It's a lot better debating these things over the internet though, I think. Doing so in real life (specifically if you're already friends with the person) just strains connections between people, I think.

    Haha that's great man. I loved year 12. Great year. You have the HSC coming up soon oooooooooooooo. It's good though...I quite liked the HSC to be honest.

    Both pman and myself are doing Medical Radiation Physics. UOW is amazing. I look forward to it every day. When you get to university man...it's extremely good. Definitely something to look forward to.
    :) yay i know :)
    my ipt test is now :)
    thanks for that,ima try my best or my assessment tasks :) same to u too :) tc peace out
    WOW! i had a bio one today then i have another bio one due next week, a legal studies one this friday and an ipt one this friday, ext 1 english in weeek 11, maths one in week 10 and an ext 2 english first week back
    Will reply to yur PM tomorrow Gedi :p lol.

    Im exhausted...and depressed, lol will explain tommorrow :eek:
    ye i hav this excursion that i can go to this thursday for ext 1 english, its after school and i dont get bac home till like 10:30 pm, but the thing is i have a legal studies assessment task the next day so i cant afford to not study for that..meh, unless i get an extension till tuesday fr the legal studies then i can go to that excursion, wbu? hey sounds like ur realted text is great ! :) i finished those 2000 words that she wanted like last week and i gave them to her! im so proud of myself lol
    any assessments other than english? any excursions?
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