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  • Haha boredom? There's always something one could do! Yes I do need to go for a run but I'll wait to see if the world ends.

    I need to see fireworks for the first time!
    greetings gigacube, im sorry to bother you but would you mind sending me your it vet hsc notes? in desperate need of them atm :) it would be very much appreciated
    I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't try to learn the names of people in the other groups. :(

    There's quite a big difference, yes. But don't let that discourage you! :D Also, lucky, no SDD for me. Not enough demand. Silly girl schools. In any case, the NCSS Challenge is much more...intellectually stimulating...than SDD, I think.

    When I did the python stream, the main focus there for most of the groups was to actually get the site working, heh. Thankfully my group's site worked in the end, so we were able to give a live demonstration - the others had to take screenshots and talk about their site like that. I think it might've been broken a few times, though.

    Yep, bug fixing is excellent fun :D But so is sleep. Some of the time. I usually prioritise coding over sleep, and that doesn't always end well! In any case, sleep deprivation (and the bugs it causes) is part of the coding experience and everyone should try it. :)<
    One person in HS1917 who does it at Hurlstone with me is in year 12, and he's finding it really difficult to catch up. He hasn't finished the first assignment (but neither have I, I did submit like 3/4 of what I COULD do, haha :p), or done many lab tasks, or watched lectures (we're given a DVD to watch the lectures since obviously we cannot attend them, but they're last year's lectures not this year's and they're kinda outta date D:). It's fun though, I like the new friends I've made, and going to UNSW every month or so is great too! Just that the workload is so stressful! Considering I need to study for my half yearly exams and I haven't started... Good luck to you on your HSC too! :) I hope I'll get into 4 unit maths :) (damn 1000 character limit haha :p)
    It is so stressful doing HS1917! The good thing is, we keep on getting assignment extensions :D Basically all it is, is that we're learning C. I am completely new to C... but it's not too bad. The assignments are rather difficult, and some of the lab tasks that assist you in your knowledge of C are difficult also :( They give you around 2-3 weeks to do an assignment, once one is done, you get another... I'm currently on my second assignment, we have to write a program to print out the mandelbrot set (google that!) given the coordinates of the centre of the image and a zoom level. Most. Frustrating. Thing. Ever! (cont)
    That's true, but it doesn't explain how subs like ext 1 and 2 english are placed there. Many people wouldn't be interested in those :p (english gahhh)

    Oh wow hopefully neither of us will come to having to use it haha. But yeah good luck.

    Hope you get into your engo course. :)
    Hahaha no worries. :)
    Yeah for eco at unsw i'd get bonus points for mx2, mx1 and eng adv haha. (oddly enough eco wasn't included :/)
    It was 94.3 and i was cinfident in getting that but this has just made it much easier (still gonna try hard)

    Does hscplus apply for the course you want?
    I don't know who you are! ;-; Don't worry about being stalkerish, I understand. >:D

    The advanced python stream was difficult, but rewarding. So very rewarding. It also chewed up a lot of my time, so I'm not sure that I'll do it again this year (I know that I won't be able to focus on schoolwork...)

    The template parser...I completed that with the other person a couple of days before the all-nighter, so we relaxed for a bit. I was so glad we finished it early! Then we got our separate assignments to work on during the all-nighter, and all was good. Bug fixing is a really nice challenge. :D Because I didn't know anything about the code I was debugging, so I had to delve into the stuff and figure out what everything was doing. So fun. /rant
    The embedded programming in the NCSS Challenge is pretty fun. :) I just don't like it when it's with robots. I'm not sure whether I should do the NCSS Challenge this year. But since it's year 12 for's...very much a bad idea. Last year it distracted me from studying for the (accelerated) IPT trial, as did the advanced python stream of the Challenge.

    And yup, programming in the morning results in heaps of mistakes. But, yes, it's so fun. :D I enjoyed the all-nighter when I did the python stream. So much code, glorious code. Plus it worked in the end, and for that I felt proud (since I was assigned to write the template parser with another person, and after we'd completed that I was assigned to overall backend bug fixing).
    Yeah, my robot was going fine until I decided to change something and that broke it. >.> Me no like embedded programming.
    Cool, hi! :D I was in one of the Embedded groups - either 5 or 6. Mine was the group with the 'bots named after browsers. I wanted to do the Python stream, but I did that in 2011, so I couldn't.
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