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  • Hi again, Fine, ignore me :(
    If you're online by then, the BoS Fags are having a meetup on the 17th of April (this Saturday) at 2 Pm by the QVB, Near the statue and the dog fountain. Hope you can make it :]
    Rawr! Hello! :p
    Why arent we talking? Lol

    How are you and Steff doing?
    I heard you met up on the weekend sometime?
    So did Townie and I :3
    How did it go?

    How have you been other than that?
    Phew, good save haha..glad you had fun. =)

    Would definetly love to see you again sometime, get to know each other a bit more sober...for a few hours, then get drunk. XD Haha, but really since we live so close to each other we should definetly see each other sometime when you're free.
    Hey, I had a really good time with you last night. Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. :)


    PS: In response to your text message, I got home fine but my mom didn't seem very happy with me as I was clearly anything but sober hahaha. Were your folks still awake when you got back?
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