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    Majoring in Chemistry and Physics

    Greetings all, I am studying a BSc/BSciEducation and USYD next year. I really want to study physics after a newfound interest in it during my gap year this year, however I didn't take it in the HSC. I also studied 2 unit Mathematics, receiving a band 6. How viable is it for me to participate in...
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    Baulkham hills - 2009 Chemistry HSC trial examination question! Need help!

    It would be a good idea to take into account the costliness of the bacterial starvation process. Whilst PHB is practically viable and harbours properties that enable biodegradability and biocompatibility, its impact on society wouldn't be as substantial as your judgment makes it out, especially...
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    Pre-HSC Estimate

    Hey guys! School Rank: 220s Ranks are final assessment ranks English Advanced: 1/30 (tied first) Chemistry 1/9 Legal Studies 1/18 Biology 1/11 Geography 2/27 Mathematics 3/20 Estimates are so appreciated! Thanks all in advance :)
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    EstimATAR for Friend

    Hmm thanks Rathin but I think that might be a bit high haha
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    EstimATAR for Friend

    School rank - ~220s Mathematics: 1/18 Physics: 2/7 Legal Studies: 6/22 Advanced English: 13/29 Geography: 3/31 Mathematics Ex 1: 2/4 Thanks in advance for any estimates :)
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    Post-trial EstimATAR :)

    School rank is ~220s Post trial ranks: Biology 1/10 Chemistry 1/8 English Advanced 1/30 Geography 2/31 Legal Studies 2/21 Mathematics 3/18 A question also; how accurate are estimates usually, when comparing to the actual achieved ATAR (assuming good marks in the HSC exams)...
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    EstimATAR for a Friend

    School rank is ~220s Just finished trials Business Studies (overall assessment rank): 5/35 Geography (overall assessment rank): 1/31 General Mathematics (overall assessment rank): 2/50 Modern History (overall assessment rank): 3/23 English Advanced (overall assessment rank): 9/35...
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    Best way to review notes before trials?

    What is the best way to review/study my notes before trials? I have just under 3 weeks until the first English exam. I feel like writing them out would take a lot of time out of doing past papers, however, at the same time it would be a good way to remember content. What is best?
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    My Situation

    Hey all, I was just wondering if you all think I am fine and on track for trials so far. NB: my trials are in Week 5 of next term! At the moment, I have 12 days remaining of the holidays, and below are the list of tasks that I am yet to complete (today I completed my notes for our first...
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    Post-Half Yearly Estimate

    Sweet guys cheers for the valuable input!
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    Post-Half Yearly Estimate

    Bump, would like a few more to confirm