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  • I just got back from Lennox Head last night and it was really quite cathartic spending a few days there . I think relaxation, in small doses, is very important during the HSC especially, so don't work yourself too hard.

    Yeah, I'm definitely one of those people that end up singing along with songs rather than doing my work except for when I'm doing maths - it becomes pretty methodical. The advice I was given in relation to major works was to consistently take small steps toward completion and then to edit, edit, edit! I'm sure you'll be fine.

    Hope things are going well [IMG].
    "I just enjoy shooting strangers with a laser gun " - *starts to get a little anxious and never wants to upset you...*

    Yeah, having a lot of schoolwork during the holidays is pretty annoying but at least you'll stay focused for the trials I reckon. And I absolutely hated the 11 week term as well; we were given three assessments in the space of a few days [IMG].

    How are you going with your History major work? I'm finally down to editing my Extension English project [IMG].
    Yeah I got offered to attend those lectures a while back but didn't end up going - Ancient is a fairly laid-back subject personally. Hmm...I wouldn't have picked you for a games addict - seems like you really enjoy laser skirmish.

    I'm doing well atm but yeah, I can't wait for the holidays either. A couple of mates and I are planning to go up to Lennox Head for a week or so and stay at a mate's beachfront place - its going to be awesome I reckon [IMG].

    What are your plans?
    Fair enough I guess. But what I've generally found is that the modest ones are usually the bright ones too .

    Lucky you, already got your P's. I've still got about 30 odd hours to do [IMG].
    Hey Gemma, haha its ok i wouldve told you who i was. thank you yea i did well and it was a fun assignment to do. its like the first time i've passed legal so far so i'm really happy and really proud with many more passes to come.
    see you around skool :)
    Yeah, I was considering the UMAT test for a while but then I figured I couldn't be bothered studying for more than 5 years and neither do I really have the altruism needed for being a doctor. But the sample tests I had a go at are not too bad at all and you seem like an intelligent young woman, so I'm sure you'll do fine.

    If its any consolation, I do absolutely nothing during my free periods. Usually, I just end up talking with friends or think of random ideas for future novels
    hey gemma, just telling you that LU (code, sorry if i did it backwards) called you a b*tch in ancient history when you beat them. nice...
    thats creepy. we just posted on the same thread at the same time. you should come to the lounge room. its warm
    Fair enough I guess. I'm not particularly keen on starting uni straight out of the HSC though tbh.

    Yeah I saw your invitation on MSN and the rather amusing comment that went with it
    Yeah I feel much the same - I go through a career every month or so. I've thought about doing something science-related as well but I don't know; it seems quite boring + frustrating at times.

    I'm planning on taking a GAP year myself, probably to Japan but Europe would definitely be my second choice. I've also actually got a friend who lives around Moree I think...maybe I'll run into you sometime .

    To be honest, I'm not too keen on study days. I prefer doing things my own way plus at my school, I've found that there are some truly great teachers who have been past university lecturers, etc. so I get everything I need from them. Btw, do you have msn by any chance? I find it way better to talk over [IMG] than BOS.
    Yeah I was the same with my Extension Two Major Work but I think your topic is absolutely fascinating to be honest. While it seems somewhat esoteric, the implications for religious dogma and institutionalized belief structures of the Witch Trails are really intriguing I reckon.

    Ancient is one of my favourite subjects too . I'm not sure if I'll do anything history-related later on but I'd probably try and emulate Scullard with a book on a famous personality or something.

    Anyway, what about you? Do you have any idea on what you want to study? Personally, I've got no idea at all [IMG].
    I did consider History Extension, but with Art and Extension 2 English as well... it would have been a bit too much work.
    Yeah Extension Two English is pretty time-consuming as well but mostly just in small bursts, so its still manageable. Most of our Ext 2 lessons are during lunch-time because, as the course involves a major work rather than a written exam, our teacher mainly just supervises us and provides us with occasional feedback; functioning as an editor of sorts. I'm actually a bit of a history buff myself - what is your history project on?
    wow! What uni do u want to do biomed at?
    Totally agree! There is so much to learn and remember. I don't know if I've got enough brain cells. Especially with History subjects. Its not easy remembering everything with 8 different subjects! lol
    lol, yeah i do do have some of the same interests as you. :) I recently started considering biomed for uni but not to sure yet. I love bio, its so interesting! What do u want to do in uni?
    hey gemby
    i found a bones and scrubs thread. i think they were super old, but who cares? i love them both.
    hope extension history is tonnes of fun!
    Hey there. I'm not judging you/being rude or anything, but did you just randomly add friends so you wouldn't appear lonely?
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