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  • shez mean azzzzzzzzzz!

    i cant imagine life without my family, which is y i dnt wanna get married! i dnt wanna leave my parents, ever ever ever! :D

    im closer to my mums side too!

    but i love my dad a lot, albeit im not too close to his side.

    my aunt, my mumz eldest sister, is mean! shez mean to my mum! lol , that is why i don't really like her. xD

    thats so cute!

    i love my whole family though! well, except for one o f my aunts! lol
    lol that's awesome.

    i love it how they understand teenage attitudes and mentalities, like my gandmother understands my senses too.
    my other friends will be happy when i tell them ur not coming !


    ur presence will be missed, nevertheless.

    have fun at da footy game!
    lol, nah, that was the only weird one!


    yeah, but dw, there's next saturday!! xD
    naww, good luck.

    I have upcoming assignments due in Apr.

    u were there? damnit, I missed it!

    thats ok. you can do so later. :p

    saturday parties...there was one tonight, but i didn't feel like going. :D

    you are invited next saturday, the address will be delivered to you shortly. :D

    uni is good, on holidays atm.

    naww goodluckies!

    Lol, I submitted one of my first assignments for one of my units today too! xD
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