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    Final estimation please :)

    <TABLE class="tblContent tblCourses" border=1 summary="Displays a student's rank order notice" cellPadding=5><TBODY><TR><TD class=tdSml>15090</TD><TD>Drama</TD><TD class=tdSml>2</TD><TD class=tdSml>1 / 9</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD class=tdSml>15140</TD><TD>English (Advanced)</TD><TD...
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    Section II - Core: Crime and Human Rights

    Loved the crime question, 'twas so broad :D HR I chose the human right to education and how it's being legally recognized through UNESCO's programs and part of ICESCR, dunno if that was right.. I focused on remand, sexual Offenders Registration, Deportation and Charge Negotiations for Crime...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    For the 'who decides on question on fact' pretty sure thats the jury but I chose te judge :@ the jury decides on the question of fact while the judge makes sure the rules of the court are being followed, advises jury of legal questions and shit. Can't believe I got that wrong -_- some M/C were...
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    Oh my gosh I was motivated to smash legals, my last but now I'm chilling like I've already finished :S
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Thanks cem.
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Also, I did the Weimar option. How many marks will I lose for leaving out how proportional representation was a flaw in it impacting the Weimar?
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    This exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, as I studied the least for history. For Albert Speer's events I did his education; when he joined the Nazi Party and Minister for Armaments :S Was this a shit choice? I would have done Nuremburg but I really needed to go to the toilet and just...
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    Study Breaks

    Talk on the phone during breaks. Eat. Like, a lot.
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    No energy/modivation after Ancient Exam

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    Plans for post HSC?

    Re: Video games! - continue working again! miss getting moola - spend time with boyfeeeee - clubbing and my 18th on the 5th :)
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    Legal Studies

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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    Re: General Thoughts: Studies of Religion I You didn't HAVE to choose just one. It said discuss so you could've just explained both as issues points for/against each one........... and stuff
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    State Rankers

    awwww lol
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    General Thoughts: SOR II

    I just wrote how their principle teachings promote peace as a vital characteristic and prefer it over war and packed quotes and shit.