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  • yeh it is research
    and we have to do a speech

    anyway good luck with 3 sciences and hardest maths lol
    im gonna sleep
    yeh chemistry is alright now but it's getting hard
    we have an assessment for the holidays on radioisotopes

    wat textbook are you using for 4u? my school's cheap and using excel
    im not sure if it's good enough
    haha that's alot of assessments + procrastination you missed out on :)

    4u is alright now but i can sense that it's gonna be seriously hard
    i gotta pick up my pace

    and how's chemistry? have you done redox reactions? they're so confusing :/
    you should've picked physics in the first place! lol if you came 2nd, thats really good
    i came third overall although phys isnt my favourite subject, bio is; but i still like phys, it's interesting

    and yeh i did english ext and dropped it thank god :) lol
    lol that does sound complicated
    what rank did you end up getting in phys? and do you like it?
    and yeh english ext was hell lol
    i chose those subjects cuz i love science :)
    i just find them all interesting
    and i dropped eco cuz im not an essay person and there were too many concepts to follow
    hey thanks ilikebeef!!!
    really appreciate the help with the maths :)
    oh im so sorry to hear about the load of homework that you have been getting from english :(
    if u need emotional support im ur person!! :) :)
    lol things are goiing pretty horrid actually
    i have a maths assessment next thursday and i need to do well now coz everything counts.
    yeah 4u english is weird now...dont know how to start off my story blah
    nevertheless still more fun that other subjects :)
    good to hear that ur not fully drowned with maths stuff...omg integration is so hard (trapezoidal rule and simpson's rule grrrrr) :)
    hi ilikebeef...hows it going??
    how is study going?? is the ext maths killing u alive? ext eng is starting to kill me already lolz
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