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  • don't worry, i am very forgetful too. so many assignments :( and no it probably wouldn't be easier to go with emails sorry i hardly ever check mine. this and other social networking is my internet home.
    i sleep through ext. 2 each week but its ok because letting my mind wander is perfect for creative writing. i just have to reign it in for maths and chem lol. my english teacher is the coordinator and let me do ext. 2 because she knows my best marks are for creative writing.
    i've already had two tests...chem and bio pracs...and chem didn't go that well. i passed. it's all so much. i'm going to drop drama for frees. maybe then i'll stop tearing my hair out.
    Hey again...I keep forgetting I have an account on here. It might be easier if I just gave you my e-mail?
    Oh ick, 7:45...it doesn't sound right being at school quite that early. But, I do actually turn up that early a lot too.
    Haha, extension maths? How do you do extension 2 english??? Crazy =)
    It doesn't really feel like we are in year 12...does it...but I have my first assessment next Monday
    don't worry about it. i've been away from the net for a while recovering. my exams were a nightmare and i can't believe i'm a year 12 student :)
    how do you cope with ext. maths? i started with it but failed miserably. i'm down from ext. to general. but i'm doing well enough for ext. 2 english. i just don't want to be at school at 7:45 tomorrow :(
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