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  • I just found out i got shortlisted after my sister read the letter to me! (I'm not in Sydney remember? XD)

    *dances like a retard*
    Hahahaha yeah - I thought it was a scholarship letter - so I was fairly excited. What a fucking letdown. :p
    Nope :(
    But when i do it'll be a rejection letter, i'll laugh at myself for even applying lol
    If i do get it, i'll laugh like a maniac and do a dance because i'm going to UNSW XD

    Congrats on getting short listed! Go get 'em tiger ;)
    Naww you might get it. LOL don't worry, i magically got 86 for trials and only wrote 6 pages each so you still have hope :)

    Ahaha, everyone is usually always confident with modern exams though because there's only so much they can ask, so i doubt the cut off is higher ;)
    I loved it. They questions were exactly what i was hoping for so i hoping i'll get that 93+ i'm gunning for :D

    How did you find it?
    aw damn, dont forget sir wants wwi textbooks returned to him, its the least we could do since he never got those practice responses haha
    Aha yes! *50% right for nitrogen question hi 5*

    You'll get it, chin up :D Aha, if i got state ranking, i'd be so surprised it wouldn't be funny. Especially because i had no idea how metals were used in cans (shipwrecks question) so i made up 1/2 a page of nonsense. Perhaps i'll get 1-2/3 XD
    It wasn't too bad, just some silly errors with the nitrogen question... forgot to minus excess Cl and just used it lololol But aside from that, not too bad.

    I think i might've scrapped it XD

    DW, i still have to read through production and materials after i finish the restoring artefacts bit in shipwrecks XD

    Wow, that's crazy. I just want 99+ because it'll be pretty lolololol.

    I've only done 1/3 of the Cold War and 1/2 of Russia/USSR for modern.... gah i'll be cramming like hell tomorrow too ><"

    Good luck tomorrow :D
    I'm thinking ~96 but it could be higher because i've been told ~95 is 1st in the state lol.

    I so want it :D What are you aiming for? You definitely know your stuff!
    Unfortunately no mate =[ Atm Im somewhat waiting for JCU to pull through, im a bit iffy with UWS despite being GWS haha and well if bond offers me an interview I might put it in strong contention. How about you? This is so embarrassing but I forgot your name! >.<
    Hahahahah, I dropped it sorta. Wasn't gonna help with UAI - and I hadn't really studied it during stuvac. :p
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