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  • well my holidays were fun how bout yours?
    it was a good camping trip, you seem to have enjoyed yourself

    Why would i be in the library all day just avioding you so your a loner. maybe i decided to take a free cause i read my timetable wrong.
    No i didn't forget it just decided to not work so i had to reset it.

    yes you better get back to work lazy butt
    Hi jess :]

    Yes it's a good site, useful and all xD
    I hope i can come, depends on a few things, but i wil try!!
    How's stuff?
    i don't think you want that cause then you would be dead and i would be back to square one no one to drive me
    oh no prob any type of shark, great white? hammer head? i have both
    i dn't really have many CD's but i have some from i was little, yes i was actually smalll and short once apon a time, we can reminise of the good old times before ipods and tagged and when loloies were 50c for a 100 of them.
    Actually yes i have i saw one just the other day about my ear he recommended i see a psychiatrist and i was like why what she going to get to the bottom of my ears problems maybe it was afriad of water so by me going in the pool it annoyed it and so decided to hurt to teach me a lesson. Like i think she needs the get help if she thinks she can talk to an ear.
    beavers aren't as cool as unicorns as they actually existance were as unicorns don't only in my head.
    no jess you are the only one that has an imaginary friend that could actually exist in the real world like sseriously get out and see the world
    you can preform open heart surgery on me on one condition, you have a plastic knife and fake heart
    I said so cause you love me
    no it's not a showfer when you are also going to the place with me except for when i go to queensland then you be a showfer and you'll like or else
    my love is free but yeah sure i'll give you petrol money what type of scab do you think i am?

    i don't need to be in a white padded room to talk to the people in my head, i was talking to them last night and today in IT hahaha Bob the unicorn says HI.
    people won't think we are looney bob recones they are all jealouse cause they don't have unicorn friends hehehehehehehehhehehehehehehe
    unicorns are cool why can't we talk about unicorns????
    fine we will talk at P's yeah you can get your P's how exciting
    thats not that long away just keep yourself busy and the time will fly
    you should call and book in for then or is it to far away for that
    yeah you can drive me places yeah
    first i want to go to sydney and shop then canberra to kick my brother and then to catch the plane to queensland and then you can pick me up when i get back and take me to mcdonalds cause i'm hunger now and then to mini golf oh and we have to go to laser tag in ulladulla ohhhhh this is going to be fun :)
    it doesn't suit me it terrible worse name yet change it?
    oh i could see how cold fits in! cold room comes to mind hehe
    oh does Jess feel uncomfortable, i don't any looks at peoples pages and comments anyway so you got nothing to worry about!!
    No i was fine i like being in dark, cold rooms all be myself while everyones a mile away having fun and i just lay there trying to sleep just in pain nah i was fine.
    He was a jerk god i hate people like that who just think they can just get what they want those are the people who give human kind a bad name. arrhh he gets me so frustrated
    shut up and don't call me that or i'll be away more often
    yep it was good dessert went right to sleep affter that wait you didn't drug it did you?
    it was cold and smooth huh then many things could have help my throat
    thank you again for your help that night
    did you write back to your grandparents letter, if so have they read it
    my mum read mine but i didn't get to see her reaction, don't think she cried or atleast not as much as we did lol
    well seen as you haven't been bothered to reply and ditched me in english and half way throught IT i decided that i write you another message in the hope you'll reply!!!!!!
    so docters hahaha it's fair fun going to the docter except when they have a huge needle OMG i hate needles there so arrrrhhhh i get shivers looking at them on TV i proberly would get shivers if i saw one 10000000000km away OMG i had a dream about having to get a needle at schoool and the nurse came in the classroom and started jabbing people then she got to me and i run across the tables and out a window i had like the whole school tryign to pin me down it was arrrrhhhhh i got shivers just writting about them :(
    on a happier note it's my birthday tomorrow yeah 17 almost old enough to drink well atleast in a club or pub lol :)
    OMG when i go to queensland next year i have to stay with him for a night or two and then he has to take me to and from the airport he was not happy when i told him he all like *sigh* why can't she just sleep in the car or at the airport or a bin, OMG like what a bitch he is so mean to me arrrrrrrhhhhhh (sorry anger surge had to let it out)
    so whats new with you?
    yeah i get it but if he had of been here now. Do you know he wanted to start he own sepirior race of blode hair and blue eyes he must have never heard the not so smart reputation of blondes, seriously if he had of survived than the world properly would have ended by now but i shouls stop before i say somethign mean and affend you. lol
    yeah Idiots day would give them a chance to relax and maybe others could try for once to be the idiots instead and amuse them for a change. My brother doesn't say ammusing things just mean stuff the only thing funny about him is his face!!!! and the fact he thinks he is better then me hehehehehehehehehehe
    i think it looks good lighter, more white then blonde now so people won't pay you out lol jokes it looks good, honest
    yeah he also did the sighted world a favour and got rid of that thing on his face that he called a face!!!!
    You know if he had of got away with it you can't complian caus eyou'd be alive me on the other hand would be dead ohhh i see y u would be angry cause i would be gone oh you won't be able to live without me.
    it should be a holiday it could be called "world idiot day" it would give my brother somethign to celebrate. OMG he is so annoying he came down on the weekend and with in 2 seconds he was paying me out and when i drove to dinner he just kept saying we are all going to die he is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    i think you should go darker or just stay the same colour,
    that would have been funny he would have failed on the kindergarten questions and hehe he would be dumber than a kindergardener.
    Hehehehehe maybe he commited suicide because he realised his evil plan was never going to work and that they would turn against him and kill him in the end or maybe a 4 yr old pointed out that he didn't have blonde hair and blue eyes!!!!
    That is so funny that it has taken them that long to realise that it wasn't hitler's head fragment or maybe it means that hitler was a girl and that might be why he turned against the world caus ehe would have been an ugly girl or very gayish man!!!
    i know and i liked your natural hair colour
    yep hitler didn't think that through, so maybe if he created his perfect race they would then realised he is not like them turn against him and kill him so he was going die anyways we just stopped him before everyone looked the same
    shut up it's a mental disability i can't help it.
    no i'm not going to shut up about it, cause you can change it and you weren't born blonde you dyed it so it can be change, and at the time of dying it you were fully aware of the stereotype of blondes so by still dying it and now complaining about it makes the stereotype true that blondes are dumb, hehehe
    that mostash was the cool thing then or he was trying to start a new revolution in his revolution of blonde hair blue eyes what a greeding butt he could just be happy with the taking over the world but he also had to try to make that sad excuse for a mostash cool OMG
    ok calm down hot head or soon your hair will be red!
    i was trying to make the point that blondes always think that they are being paid out when colours are talked about so straight away they surmise it's about hair. and i don't think your the stereotype at all just parts of it lol
    ok go start your oqn race you'll be like hitler except hotter and hopefully not as crazy although lol joking i wasn't imply that at all ok maybe a little bit but anyway this is not about you being like hitler it's about um i forgot but that is my point yeah confussed now lol
    Um i meant the car see that is such a blonde thing to surmise,
    soon as someone talks about colour you surmise hair thats terrible do you think of anything else uh well i suppose you can't help it cause you think with your BLONDe hair. lol
    And i'm not even going to try and turn this into something nice cause that just make you a butt head if you say something mean and then try and turn it around you are a mean friend.
    luv maddy (that kind of made it better cause my love just fixs all problems)
    that is such a blonde thing to say, just caus eit's red doesn't mean it goes faster like duh it just makes you look sexier, duh like everyone knows that
    OMG it's jess OP heheheheheheheso now i don't have a weird thing cause i can do this (leaving a comment) so how was the rest of your weekend? proberly not as good as having me there heheh Love Maddy OP
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