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  • right now bby I can handle anything dont worry I don't have a pre-existing heart condition h3h3h
    nothing just playing wif myself if u knw wat i mean k3k3k3k3k

    how did you know i was a qt bby for all u knw i cud b ugly n phat n smelly
    yeah that was me (no creep). and thanks, i am kinda cute and cuddly :cool:
    we should be frends :p

    ahh im having no luck in my search for pics to add to s or t haha
    yeah i know hey, and also using facebook is kinda limited coz i dont know if wanna post up pics of people i associate with haha
    u should post some pics of urself, except skip the 's or t' thread and go straight to the attractive women thread :p :cool:
    oh really? i thought your name was xxr :p
    and yeah im doing about the same, kinda hard to find pictures of people that i think would be good for it though lol
    Hey, no problem! Yea, I'm really concerned that I'm not going to be able to cover all of my content, or not it a great amount of detail. I am relying on the fact that most of the content has already be learnt, and I just need to retrieve it from my memory! :p

    Yeah, well that's just my experience from Callendar at the HTA study days this year, she wasn't the greatest person out there. Shame, my Ancient teacher used to do the Minoan lectures for the HTA Association and she is truly superb! :) Don't concern yourself too much about the ranks, second is pretty brilliant too. And it is hard when you have those super smart people that can easily retain information. D: Same to you, hope the studying goes great over these last few weeks! D: And if you need any help with Minoans / P+H you are more than welcome to ask :) Best of luck fellow Historian! n_n
    Oh you are brilliant! Thank you for going to the effort, I appreciate it very much. :) Oh, I wanted to note, not sure if you went to the HTA study days but Gae Callendar for Minoans -goes way over time, and if she does the same Minoan lecture it's very concentrated on Religion -and in all honesty, both her Minoan and Hatshepsut lectures this year were lacking, and she seemed to stumble on questions, present a couple of debateable opinions as facts.

    I feel the same about studying for Ancient. Studying thus far is on a bit of a slow the past couple of weeks, revision in class in driving me mental. Just make sure you try your hand at a couple of past papers, they'll make so much difference. I'm very happy with my ranks, but to put it into perspective my school isn't highly ranked either. You have some tough competition, think you said the top got 98 or something in your trials? That's a genius there, haha. Your trial marks were very good so your rank must correlate to those marks! n_n
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