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    UNSW AAA Scholarship

    Haha, I didn't get the UWS scholarship even though I came first in year 11. :S Even though I got dux with 98.65, I got the AAA scholarship because I was the only person going to UNSW :P
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    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    UMAX: 98.90 Einstein: 99.00 Actual: 98.65 Pretty Close, I was actually surprised even going over the 98 mark. Shows you don't need to go to a selective/private/catholic school to do well. Public Schools ftw :D.
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    Yeah I came first in everything except adv eng, which I came a close second, it really surprised me but.
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    Share your 2010 HSC results here

    English (Advanced): 90 90 90 Maths Extension 1: 95 95 95 Maths Extension 2: 88 88 88 Chemistry: 84 84 84 Economics: 89 89 89 Geography: 94 94 94 Lol my marks were my marks... and my grade is pretty big :S. ATAR PREDICTION: 99 [ Was not expecting that :) ]
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    For those people who think study comes with good results think twice; Not everyone is as motivated as you and as able to put in maximum effort. You shouldn't be derogatory towards people who may not be as outstanding as you. Pathetic too be honest. Wait till you get into the real world :)...