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  • I wished i couldve went =(
    LOOL did everyone know each other or were like people all alone and by themselves o_O
    I probably wouldve been like that =P Came in, said hi and start doing some maths homework or something LOOL
    Success or failure in your opinion?
    haha yeah ive been meaning change it but i havent got round to it, my bad =P I'll change it now

    yeah thats what i told my parents, that like self-learning is better, but i guess you cant convince asian parents LOOL

    hmm, yeah ive heard about Matrix and Dr Du. I heard they were good but very pricey =/

    thanks for the help =)

    btw how was the BoS study sesh the other day??
    Hey Jenny, you do 4U maths yeah??
    Can you recommend me any good tutors or tutoring places??
    I know it may be too late but the one i have just sucks =P
    If you dont mind me asking, do you have a tutor/go to tutoring place??
    COFFFEEEE. Yeah totally haha, with an arm chair and cigar.

    How was the BOS study meet? A success? Get much work done lol?
    Fair enough. I've heard GAMSAT is wayy easier also, so no biggie.

    Yeah haha same, probably won't even turn up to half my lectures lol.
    tbh i'm thinking of changing to just economics. That's where my passion is.
    Usyd hopefully, i live soo close to it.

    Where are you trying for? (MBBS?)
    Hahaha sure. I'll probably doing law so if you ever get into deep shit, you know who to contact :D

    Yeah meh same haha. The half-yearlies really burnt me out!! Oh well, only 7 months left.
    haha ok thanks =) But its just that im still wondering if the Thursday is gonna happen or not.. so yeah =S
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