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Recent content by JoannaS2

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    Best Commerce major to combine with Civil Engineering?

    For those doing B Comm/Engineering, is it better to combine engineering (in particular civil) with accounting or finance? Thanks! =D
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    FOOD1120 Thoughts?

    Delicious as in deliciously easy? And which textbook did you use?
  3. J

    FOOD1120 Thoughts?

    Hey guys! This subject's description looks pretty interesting in the handbook and I was wondering if anyone has actually done the course and would like to offer their thoughts. Is it hard/easy? How easy/hard they mark the assignments etc. =D Thanks so much in advance!! =D
  4. J


    Is anyone doing Philosophy as a major? What's it like?
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    Notes etc. for various UNSW Art theory courses

    Hey!!! What did you think of the course? I was thinking about doing it as a minor.
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    Transferring from BComm/arts to Bcomm after the 1st Year.

    Subjects for Comm or Arts? I was under the impression that in 1st year Commerce (irrelevant of whether they are doing a single or combined degree, all students do their 4 core and 4 flexible courses. Is this correct?
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    Transferring from BComm/arts to Bcomm after the 1st Year.

    Hey, Just wondering, for people who do BComm and those who do the combined BComm degree, will both have covered the same amount of content by the end of first year? Hence, allowing one to say, transfer from Bcomm/Arts to just BComm, before majors are chosen? Thanks =D.
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    Art History and Theory (COFA) Minor

    Hey Guys!!! I was thinking about doing a comm/arts degree this year. I have decided that I want to major in Marketing and Philosophy. But I need to choose a minor. I was wondering if anyone could give me their opinions on studying "Art History and Theory" as a minor. What are the lecturers...
  9. J

    What's there to do out west???

    ^ lol. Eat Pho? There's heaps of asian and other cuisines in Para!! And Westfields Cinemas open till late? Go to the Park?
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    USYD commerce vs. UNSW commerce

    @ shadowdude: why?
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    Comm/Science Any Thoughts?

    I'm mainly looking at Usyd and UNSW. What careers can do pursue doing this degree? And is it a sade degree to choose if you want to do Gamsatt for post grad med? Thanks :smile:
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    Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in marketing

    i thinking about about USYD and UNSW? Would COmmerce (Int) be a better option?
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    Bachelor of Commerce and majoring in marketing

    Hey is anyone taking this course? And can you tell me: - content - contact hours - workload - work experience and if it's better to combine it with arts or do comm (international) is you want to learn a language and travel overseas? Any other thouhts would also be appreciated. Thanks in...