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  • Creatives Arts. But it's not 12 hours a day of classes. I'm doing an additional Creative project on the side (but still at the uni). So that's why I'm there so much.
    I can. Just not for the next two weeks though. I'm doing around 12 hours everyday at uni, because of extra stuff on. So I don't have much time. However, after that, I'm happy to take a look.
    I can probably take a look over a Hamlet essay if you've got one. Just make sure you send through the question as well if you want to send one through.
    I did:
    AOS: Journeys
    Module 1: Hamlet/Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
    Module 2: Frontline
    Module 3: Cloudstreet

    I have a decent knowledge of belonging, frankenstein/bladerunner, as well.
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