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Recent content by JohnBobJohn

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    85+ Still Possible? Atar Estimate

    Well due to personal reasons I bombed out on trials so my ranks got ruined but if I gun out in External exams (which I know I am capable of) can I still achieve 85+? 79/179 Advanced English 44/96 General Mathematics 40/44 Biology 66/93 Business Studies 36/43 Economics School Rank...
  2. J

    Is 90+ atar still possible? Bad Internals

    Thanks for your replies, one more thing, In theory, if im ranked 35 in eco for internal, whoever gets the 35th highest mark in external HSC (in my grade), thats what my internal assessment mark will be? (before adjusting for how the grade goes or scaling)
  3. J

    Is 90+ atar still possible? Bad Internals

    Hey no i haven't done trials, but thing is, the only subjects ill probably improve my rank in trials will probs be bio and Business and maybe adv eng as trials is really soon. If thats the case then do you reckon its still possible?
  4. J

    Is 90+ atar still possible? Bad Internals

    Hey so here are my ranks for internals. NOTE: My school is ranked approx top 60 Biology 35/44 Economics 35/43 Business Studies 50/100 Adv Eng 70/176 Maths General 20/89 I am NOT trying to be arrogant, but for externals i know i am well capable of getting 90+ in all these subjects except...